Prince Andrew sued in federal court over alleged sexual abuse

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I just dipped in to the interview: “I don’t remember going upstairs. Because that photo was taken upstairs.” How does he know it’s upstairs if he’s “never been upstairs”? (OK, he could have heard from a news report that it was taken ‘upstairs at Ghilaine Maxwell’s apartment’— but still, his tone of familiarity makes him sound so culpable.) [the uncropped photo shows a staircase to the left.]

It’s funny he denies that his hand is around her waist (or proposes its "someone else’s). He doesn’t mention that her hand is around his waist, too.


Serious question: is this a thing?

His pizza alibi is rock solid (/s), but I find this part of the story a bit dubious.


I assume just like always the royal family will cooperate with US authorities here?

Nah, just kidding, they’ll either keep Andrew in the UK and not turn him over or otherwise make him available, or ship him off to some commonwealth or ex-commonwealth country that doesn’t extradite to the US. But they might make a lot of tut-tutting noises. Like the Catholic Church and pedophile priests.


This is a civil case, so it’s only Andrew’s money, not his person, that’s at risk. He’s being sued, not charged.


I hope she ends up with the Royal Lodge.


Some people don’t sweat much, some people do, it may change over their lives, how you exercise is likely a factor, I doubt it’s from accommodation to adrenaline.


Fair point - but I bet they still don’t allow him to be deposed or otherwise subject to the process. And he just won’t come back to the US. Maybe I’ll be surprised but it’s more likely he’ll go hang out with Roman Polanski (at least metaphorically speaking).


Do you have Prince Andrew in a can?
No, but soon.

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