Prince Philip doll at NYCC




Ug! Quite obviously that is not Prince Philip! I can’t believe you Beschizza! Getting something wrong like that! Obviously it’s the one and only Senator Palpatine, or young Darth Sidious as I like to call him!


You are both wrong! It is obviously Tywin Lannister!


Defiinitely Tywin Lannister - even has the “Hand of the King” pin. Duh.


We have a winner!


Well, so much for humor. Nice try, Rob.




I prefer to use his real name - Peter Mandelson.


He is quite clearly the lord of the bananas. Just look at him!


Prince Philip has his own ‘bronies’


I care not for your japery–I WANT THAT. It is indeed a wonderful thing.


And here I thought I was the one being humorous. I didn’t realize that was actually a figure of Lord Tywin. I was on my mobile at a conference and just made a quick comment. I didn’t hesitate for a second to believe that someone would be selling Prince Philip dolls; people like what they like. Nevertheless, I hang my head in shame.


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