That time Emperor Palpatine took over a Disneyworld dance-off

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18:50 for the sexy dance between mother (Padmé) and bikini’ed daughter (Leia) …and Ahsoka Tano (“A fusion in time”!? it’s all one padawan. It’s all of it streaming now somewhere"). Though some say that Darth Maul stole the show 15:30, …some say.

Tried to watch some of that…looks as cringey as the Christmas special. At least it’s intentionally ridiculous and not foisted on us in a 3-network-channel world.


I did not wake up today expecting to be jealous of Chewbacca’s swagger but here I sit.


Come for the Skywalkers, get wowed by the Moonwalkers.


Yes. This confirmed my suspicion that the live Disney Experience is not my cup of tea. They all seemed to be having some good, clean fun though, so trying not to judge.*

*It’s surprisingly hard!


I dunno - I am getting some kind of fan fetish “shipping” vibe here, one that I am too frightened to google.

I’m assuming this is something parents take their kids to and suffer through themselves?

Pretty G-rated except for maybe bikini Leia. Though she is wearing some kind of shiny tights to avoid wardrobe malfunction.

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Bikini Leia bobbing down with her mouth open and then back up with a “come here” seems a bit riske for Disney…but hey, I’m sure some exec approved.

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That would be my assumption of the entire park, but I would be quite wrong :wink:

Sorry, but dancing Palpatine reminded me of:

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That Darth Maul is selling it, giving a 1,000%.

But I was impressed by the inclusion of a full sized wookie and accurately diminutive jawas and ewoks. They had to go outside of a regular dance call to cast this show.

Slave Leia…as attractive and talented as the dancer is, she was the only person showing so much skin. Definitely sexist fan service for dudes that really shouldn’t have been in the show.

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Also, were those light saber handles they were using as hand held microphones? Seems like a bad idea to point those at your face - you know bad muzzle discipline, or point discipline, or something…even if light sabers are fictional.

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Don’t misunderestimate Disneyland on acid as an adult. However, all the kids DO get in the way sometimes.



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That is hard to watch. Embarrassed.

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