Prince's 1979 TV debut

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Dick Clark: “Music like this doesn’t come out of Minneapolis.”

Prince’s inner monologue: “It just did, fool.”


wow, what an amazing gem. NINETEEN.

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I hate these shows with canned music. Here’s a rare time you got The Artist , and he’s lip-syncing to a recording. Aurrggg…

I sympathize, though his artistry still shines through!

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I wonder if it’s a licensing thing, where the artist’s contract won’t allow the creation of an alternate version of the song for a television performance.

Nah, American Bandstand never had live performances. I’m sure it was much easier for the production staff to just have the artist lip sync.

I recall seeing this performance when it was originally aired and being mightily impressed by the tunes, but thinking he was being intentionally tough to interview rather than showing what I now interpret as nerves.

Oh, and Franko - this was 1979, and the 1958-born Prince was already deep into his myth making - he was 20 or 21.

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In the UK on Top Of The Pops (weekly chart TV show, for anyone from another planet) it was because the UK Musicians’ Union insisted on live music or MU members doing recordings on the day (for later miming to). Artists could not come in and sing to their studio-recorded (and released) recordings

I’d love to see the first musical number. Kind of annoying it only has the 2nd half of the set. Is there a full video or a vid of the first part?

I know. I’m one of those who never forgets a face, but always forgets names.

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