Prince's shoe-maker used to supply 30-40 pairs of high-heeled boots/month, totaling 3,000 pairs


He made long strides towards the shoe event horizon…


Dammit, you beat me to it by a long shot. Pun intended.

Perpetually wearing high heels is definitely highly detrimental to one’s body, and that’s without all the athletic leaps and splits that Prince did while rocking them.


I could wear them, but I never wear heels…


That’s what I was thinking. Chronic foot pain too, poor Prince. If you’ve ever walked in 3-4 inch heels for even half an hour, the thought of wearing them for hours while dancing on stage is excruciating.



Depends how often he was performing. Back in the day I could destroy a pair of good quality dress shoes in a single weekend of clubbing. :grin:


Where the hell were you clubbing? Thunderdome?


Oh, man. I used to wear those. They had wooden footbeds and you could quickly snatch one off your foot in order to beat back unwanted advances!


My mom had Candies; they weren’t at all comfortable, but you could surely beat someone unconscious if you had to…


Oh, jeez, my older sister had Candies.






Lol, no, just regular big city, but I like to dance, and I like to dance with others who like to dance, doesn’t take too many slides and splits and the occasional mis-step on or off a platform to trash a pair of shoes. One time I found a pair of engineers boots with a full leather sole and those lasted almost a year, never found another like them though.


Was there anyone relatively normal that made it super big in the 1970’s R&B entertainment world? What was it about the 70’s… Michael Jackson, Prince, Rick James, Teddy Pendegrass, Lionel Richie every one had something just not right about them but “Damn” their music was good.


Oh, ok, you’re, like, really into it. I guess standing in a corner bobbing your head doesn’t wear out your shoes as fast…


What was wrong with Lionel Richie?


Or Teddy Pendergrass for that matter? (Not trying to claim he wasn’t odd, I don’t know much about the guy.)


Me neither, but that name alone sounded kinda creepy…

“We don’t let Uncle Bob come to the family functions anymore; hes a pendergrass.”


Lionel let his wife beat him up instead of leaving.
Luther was in a league of his own regarding women.
I’d remove Teddy’s name but I admit my mistakes.
Teddy was true cool.


Who’s Luther? He wasn’t even on the list.