Prince's shoe collection on display at Paisley Park

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A reminder that his high heels habit did a serious number to his health

“People close to Prince tell me he struggled with painkillers due to his hip and ankle issues,” Frazier said, noting that for Prince to cancel a performance, as he did this month, “something was drastically wrong.”

“The hip and ankle issues were a problem for him for so long,” Frazier said, “and for a man who loved to move and dance so much, it really bothered him.”

His former percussionist, Sheila E., told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Friday that Prince damaged his hips while performing, saying he jumped off risers while wearing high heels during his “Purple Rain” days and that “it damaged parts of his body.” Prince was seen in recent years using a cane.


De Beers and Versace “Diamonds Are Forever” charity event (1999)

A De Beers charity event? Talk about lipstick on a pig.

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Chronic wearing of high heels will definitely cause chronic pain, foot deformity, & severe musculo-skeletal issues. Painkiller addiction would not be surprising.


Your personal anecdotes and feelings aside, it’s VERY likely that Prince’s health issues were made even worse by the fact that he wore heels constantly, especially dancing and jumping around in them.

High heels can cause an incredible amount of damage to the human body over time…



Prince was a giant.


Très tacky!

He was a giant of extremely small stature.

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Now that’s a fact.


Whenever foot damage comes up, I get flashbacks to a colleague who used to work as a dancer. Her feet looked like someone had taken a hammer to them.

I find it amazing what damage people are willing to inflict on themselves in the name of show-business. It just seems such a cruel environment, using job insecurity and personal passion to make people accept torturous conditions and low wages. :disappointed:

I wish that Prince had been able to accept that he was a perfect sized package; and ditched the heels.



It sounds like there was a lot going on with him. Sounds like we’re all speculating that the heels were a result of insecurity. Then there’s the recent story about his reaction to Sinead O’Connors success with his stuff “Nothing Compares 2 U”. (He was cruel to her.) Then there are the stories about his relationship with Michael Jackson. (Incredibly competitive, constantly pushing him to compete in various activities, and peacocking whenever he won.) Partially showbusiness, partially personality. But we don’t really know what’s what.

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High heeled shoes and boots are great for anyone needing the boost that being taller brings, or liking the way your musculature and posture change.

I may have crippled myself with my shoes.
Arthritis and joint problems were caused by 30 years of high heels, my orthopedist said. I wish someone would have told me that in the 70s, when I fell in love with platform shoes and high-heeled boots.

I still love those bat boots.


If, by dancer, you mean “ballet dancer” then yeah.

If you didn’t, then absolutely do not google images of ballet dancer feet.


In grad school we often had dancers come in to model for figure drawing; I remember one was able to hold the best poses, but I always avoided drawing her feet if I could, because of that exact same reason.

Her ‘dogs’ were the stuff of podiatrists’ nightmares…


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