Princess Etch masters Etch a Sketch

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Mad props to Princess Etch!

I spent a lot of time Etch-a-sketching in my life and got pretty handy with a curve, but her mastery of the dials is mind blowing.

However, I hope she’s careful when emptying them. Aluminum is pretty toxic afaik.


Well, aluminium itself shouldn’t be too bad, but fine powders are usually bad news for your lungs. I’d be more concerned with the fact that powdered aluminium is likely to be explosive when airborne.
Btw, apparently fine aluminium powder was used in an attempt to prevent silicosis in northern Ontario miners between 1944 and 1979 ( Effect of exposure of miners to aluminium powder - PubMed )


She does wear PPE in this video showing her preservation process:


I thought it was odd that they would put a toxix powder in a children’s toy for 60 years so I googled it.

Non toxic but YouTube says you can make termite with the powder.

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I know you meant thermite, but the idea of dried termite “just add water” is also intriguing…


That’s helpful and awesome! The video in the article didn’t show that part, it showed aluminum dust being shaken (somewhat nonchalantly) into a plastic cup.

I am by no means trying to deride her with my comment about the safety of handling the dust. The aluminum in deodorant is a suspected breast cancer agent and as others have mentioned, inhaling fine particulates of most kinds is harmful.

I would love to own one of her pieces someday and hope she can make them for a long time to come.




Ok, boomer.


Does she say how she managed the apparently disconnected cloud? My twiddling fingers need to know!

By the way, I had to sneak into the comments. Comments link at the page kept taking me back to the page. I am very smart.

I’d love to see a mural.

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