Prison islands


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Well it wasn’t always mundane.


Able was I ere I saw Elba.


Was Australia a prison island, or a prison continent? Both?


Day to day life was doubtlessly mundane but there’s still more than enough history at that site to make Alcatraz genuinely legendary. Lighthouse site, civil-war era military fortification, military prison, Federal prison (housing Al Capone among others), site of 19-month-long occupation by Native American protesters, Ai WeiWei exhibition hall… not to mention at least one of the most impressive prison breaks of all time. What’s not to find interesting?

(Not to mention that it’s also the site where Nicholas Cage battled Magneto, if I remember my Hollywood trivia correctly)



Seconded. I spent a lovely Valentine’s Day at Alcatraz. The history was very dark, but the trip was nice and I learned a lot on the tour. And the grounds are beautiful.


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