Prisoner escapes by faking an email ordering his release



FIle under “People will never learn about Social Engineering”


Most peoples default is trust given the right triggers. It would be a shame if everybody disbelieved everything without corroboration as a first response but that would be the only counter to this sort of thing.


This guy sure loves Phillip Morris.

Well, there’s an intermediate position where you can correctly assume that most people you meet at work or in the street are not trying to scam you, but apply extra skepticism where money, safety, law enforcement, etc. is involved.


So, wow, he didn’t even spoof the actual email address? He just got one that was close? Either that was a really impressive bit of social engineering, or the prison has some procedure problems. I’m guessing both.


Definitely both, but this trick is as old as phishing emails from what blows my mind is that a person can get released with email. Thank fsm it wasn’t a snapchat message, they may have just opened the doors.


I would have thought that prisons, given what they are, would have had enough security layers that even a highly competent phishing attempt wouldn’t be enough to achieve this, but apparently not…


This is how I work, and I don’t consider it shameful. With interpersonal relationships it works fine, except with a pathological few. Where things get rough is interpersonal relationships where others believe a larger group, such as “the management”, goblinment, or others - and I maintain a more comprehensive burden of evidence. Then, suddenly people who seemed to respect me get on my case. Nearly always in situations where they perceive a power differential and should definitely not assume honesty or good faith. People seemed to be conditioned to act against their (and everybody elses) best interests and stampede others off the cliff with them.


I find it really offensive when people use the lord’s name in vain. Please refer to his noodliness as F-M in future. Think of the children.


Who is he today, Mr Benson or Mr Hedges?

When you say children, do you mean vermicelli?

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On the one hand, the guards should be ashamed.

On the other hand, well done!

The way it reads, he designed a site, registered a domain and everything, on a damn phone before it ran out of juice.


To Whom it may concern,

PopoBawa is not a number, it is a free organism!

Luv, The Authorities


GoDaddy is now auctioning off that domain, probably.

This kind of thing is why I don’t trust the government with nuclear power.


He may have learned his craft from The Yes Men.

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I’ll have to remember all this, in case I ever get locked up.

This is a bit more elaborate version of the prison escape scene from Idiocracy:

Narrator: Joe decided that in order to get out of jail, he would have to use his superior diplomacy skills.

Pvt. Bowers: Hey, uh… I’m actually supposed to be getting out of jail, not going back in…

Prison Guard: [hits Joe on the back of the head] You’re supposed to be in that line, dumbass!

Prison Guard: Hey, guys, let this dumbass out!

“Edmund: Er, My Liege, the reason I have gathered you all here today (he gathers the letters, and approaches McAngus) is to try to get some proper justice meeted out against this Scottish turd who has clearly forged these obviously fake letters!”

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