Pro¹ X, a linux phone with a slide-out keyboard

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Let’s cut to the chase:

6GB mem 128G storage: $829.00 USD

256 GB Storage + 8 GB RAM $899.00 USD

dual sim, micro sd support up to 2Tb

headphone jack

FM Radio

Now if it wasn’t april 1 I’d be ordering one right this second.


I was hankering (badly) after a physical keyboard ever since they took away my Blackberry and gave me an iPhone. Now I’ve retired and type a lot less on a phone, I guess I’m over it.


Awww man; as a former owner of the OG Droid A855 :heart: this is awesome looking! Exceeeepppt for the ‘edge’ screen. I have an S7 Edge currently and after brushing the screen edges accidentally eleventy-billion times I’m super tired of that efficiency hit. I’ll be getting a flat screen next.

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243g (8.5 oz) is a pretty heavy “phone”.

It does seem to resemble Nokia E7-00 phone a lot. But I do miss mine so much that I’m now considering pre-ordering this new one.


My oneplus 6 and iphone X are both about 250g

ETA: with a case. The specs for the oneplus say it should be 177g but I doubt my case is 70g? I dunno.

I would really like to have a phone with an operating system that doesn’t spill my guts to Apple or Google, but 8.5 ounces is a lot of phone.

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seth meyers lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

This reminds me of the old LG Voyager:


I loved that phone. Typing texts was so much easier with the keyboard than the phone before it (a Nokia that had letters shared on the number keys, so typing even short sentences took forever.)

As much as I’ve missed a physical keyboard, I’m not sure if I’d want to go back to one. I’ve gotten used to big touchscreens… but this looks sweet.


This is the cellphone+keyboard I would have shelled out for:

Psion keyboards were awesome and now that I know this “Gemini” thing exists I might have to try and find one. Any further comments on it @beschizza?

Also always wanted a Jornada of various sizes but WindowsCE always put me off.

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It was fine! There’s a newer model that’s more up to date hardware and refined, the Cosmo.


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