Professional sports bettors are desperate to capitalize on coronavirus, too

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It’s a sign of the times that I’m actually relieved they aren’t betting on pandemic outcomes. That’s not even a joke, just a sad truth that that’s what qualifies as good news these days.


I am actually mildly surprised that’s the case.

In them, not you.


Sounds like E-sports might fill the niche of scratching their itch.

Also I think some people need to call 1-800-BETSOFF. Holy shit.

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This guy is a tout. His business model isn’t making winning sports bets, or booking sports bets from the public, it’s convincing suckers that he’s some kind of genius and they should give him money and he’ll tell them what teams to bet on. You know those scammers that are like “wall street doesn’t want you to know these SECRETS OF THE STOCK MARKET, make millions with my guide, only $99 if you act now”? Like that, but for sports betting instead of stock market investing. I’d be surprised if he were actually net positive on his own bets.

Actual professional sports bettors are largely out of action for the moment, but if scam dude can get people to pay him $100 for badminton picks, uh, more power to him I guess? At least his scam is relatively harmless and he’s not selling anti-coronavirus toothpaste or something.

Thanks, I hate it.

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