Profile of Lexi Alexander: director, martial arts champ, and the first (only) woman to direct a Marvel movie

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Her appearance on How Did This Get Made was interesting as hell, too.


I liked Punisher: War Zone. The actor certainly LOOKED like John Romana Jrs version of the Punisher.



Thanks! Going off of memory.

ETA - His dad is a legend.

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Yeah Romita has a style that is made for the Punisher. His line work and line shading for depth set a perfect tone for the dark and gritty feel of Frank Castles world.

this is a fairly under rated flick in the marvel universe and one often forgotten. We all tend to see Iron Man as the beginning of things. It is only the beginning of the phase one line up as set up by the studio. But War Zone and The Incredible Hulk are part of the universe and good installments

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Punisher War Zone is a stand alone film and has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the Punisher in this universe one needs look at the Daredevil netflix show.

Ironman was the first film in the official MCU. The Incredible Hulk is apart of the MCU (but Ang Lee’s Hulk is not)

He said the Marvel Universe. Not the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course technically so was this:

I still haven’t been bored enough to hunt it down…

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Well one does not usually speak of the “Marvel Universe” of films when not speaking of the MCU and the inter-connectivity.
So based off of your logic all of the following are “marvel universe” films
3 Fantastic Four films
3 Spiderman films (Maguire)
2 Spiderman film (Garfield)
The Punisher (Lundgren) yes, its pretty bad and PINO for the most part
The Punisher (Jane)
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (Hasselhoff)
Howard the Duck
3 Blade films
However many X-Men films we now have
2 ghost rider films

And so forth

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working her way up to directing Punisher: War Zone, making her the first – and, as of now, only – woman to direct a Marvel adaptation

So not a female director of the current MCU. Not to diminish her accomplishments but i think it’s important to take Marvel to task for it’s complete and utter avoidance of having female leads in movies and having female directors


We almost had Patty “Wonder Woman” Jenkins directing Thor 2 but she left early for creative differences.
While I am glad she did (because then we maybe wouldn’t have gotten the amazing WW we did) I do wonder what her touch could have brought to the MCU. The fact that we haven’t had another attempt at a female director in the MCU is sad and I wish they would fix that.

EDIT: To add, while it is clear at this point (see Edgar Wright/Antman) that ultimately it really doesn’t matter who directs an MCU film: Feige is lord and master of the MCU (producer driven vs director driven is a different argument.) I do wonder if there was some more female perspective interjected higher up in the process if if would help with the representation issues that still plague the MCU. One can’t deny that Kathleen Kennedy has brought a better look at equal female roles in the Star Wars sandbox.


The MCU is its own little alternate reality that doesn’t follow Comic Book canon, (not that that is ever possible anymore, but they purposefully change things from costumes to origins to even basic powers) but it is attempting to keep the movies and their cannon connected.

But for people who predate the MCU, the Marvel Universe on film includes a plethora of material. It wasn’t until the late 90s/early 2000s where Marvel FINALLY started to get some films “right”. Or rather, they finally sold the rights to people who got it right with things like the Blade films. Up until then DC was the only comic universe to really make consistently decent films (boy how times have changed.) And it was these successes and missteps that were built upon to make the MCU.


Ok nice jerky way of stating it. But yes War Zone was not released as part of the MCU but it is a Marvel Studios film. So my apologies for my poor phrasing.

I’ll forgive your incorrect phrasing. iron Man is the first film in the MCU. Incredible Hulk is second. I never mentioned the Hulk movie by Ang Lee as it isn’t worth mentioning.

Thanks for the mansplaining.

Yes, any film made before Ironman and Feige’s MCU concept are considered “Marvel” comic book movies. But again, none have ever been connected to each other as a joined “universe”

So to throw out that P:WZ exists as a Marvel Universe film is incorrect (when in the same sentence mentioning Ironman and TIH)

Technically, much of the MCU’s beginnings are taken from the Marvel Ulitmate Universe comic line. Yes, they pull bits and pieces from various sources over the years to create their own canon, but how exactly is that bad?

Decent films? Sure (well, outside of BB and TDK and maaaaaaybe 89 Batman) want to show me a consistent decent film from DC?

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What would be nice is simply to not make assumptions about what I am speaking about and just ask for clarification or politely offer a correction.

But feel free to carry on how you are. I love it when people tell me all about their Comic book knowledge. Please by all means assume more how little I must know and regail me more with your knowledge base.

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My mentioning of it was merely for clarification as some people might not at first glance recognize the difference between “Hulk” and “The Incredible Hulk”

You offered false (or incomplete) information in your original post. How exactly is my offering a correction of such information an attack on you?

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If you don’t see how your tone is a bit condescending or can be interpreted as less than polite. Why don’t you notice that someone else in this thread replied with what can be seen as a defending statement. Ask yourself. “Why would two separate people speak to me as if I said something with a less than civil tact or tone?”

Again. Carry on with explaining to me what I meant what I don’t know and how vast your knowledge is of all things marvel. I’m all ears.

Um what? o_0

All I’m say is there are many more movies based on Marvel products besides the MCU.

Compare the list above to the list below.

Until 1998 Marvel didn’t have one single “hit” movie. Hell they had only SINGLE full film that was show in the theaters.

Conversely DC had several films that not only made good money, but were good films. Superman 1 and 2, Batman and Batman returns, and the cheesy Return of Swamp Thing are 5 of my favorites and they all made money except Swamp Thing. Hell I didn’t really like Batman Forever, but it made money. Hell they had 8 Oscar nominations and 2 wins.

So yeah, at a point DC had decent success whereas Marvel had basically none. Like I said, times have changed.

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Did you even read my original reply? I quoted most of the films that are marvel films from before the birth of the MCU. Of course I understand this. You deciding to repeat back to me what I just said and linking to wiki is exactly that: mansplaining.

My original point to quori was that P:WZ is not part of a Marvel Universe (especially when mentioned together with IM and TIH that are apart of a specific universe) It like most other previous marvel films are stand alone entries. It is as simple as that.

And as to “decent” well that is of course a subjective thing. Successful yes, but not always decent imo. Life long DC fan here myself and until MoS and WW I had never yet felt a connection to a DC film as I have with most of the MCU.

I think the term you are looking for is “nerdsplaining” - which you started with “Punisher War Zone is a stand alone film and has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

To which I pointed out that “He said the Marvel Universe. Not the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

And instead of saying, “Well, he implied the MCU, but yes I am aware there a whole 'nother universe outside of the MCU.” Or just ask for a clarification, you went out of your way to repeat the implication as fact.

Subjectively, even if one doesn’t consider any of the DC movies pre 1998 as “good”, they were heads over tails better than Marvels, which other than Howard the Duck, were B movies in every sense.

Certainly now if you want to compare the modern MCU movies vs anything DC, it pales in comparison.

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