Property developer caught using critic's photo in promotional materials, demands an end to criticism as a condition of paying for the use


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Dear property developer: That’s not how copyright works, asshole.


Good to see that Arkell v Pressdram still isn’t dead.


No words for the evil – and the stupidity – of this developer.

Except, perhaps, I am agog.


Word for an evil and stupid developer? Covfefe springs to mind


I wish I lived in a world where real estate developers considered themselves to be people.


I wish I lived in a world where real estate developers weren’t legally considered to be people.


Please pay me without further delay.

Oh, I’ve said that very thing, but never did I hold my breath waiting for the check.


Well, I’m somewhat sceptical.
A property developer behaving in a dishonourable way? That’s practically unheard of.
Ha, you’ll be telling us they have political ambitions next!


So instead of just paying up they ensured people would find out about it and will still need to pay up?

I thought business men were meant to have some brains.


I gog, you may gog.


Again, are people aware of the Streisand Effect? I bet you more people know about the plan to tear down that historic tree than before.


He even said to “please” to the douchebags.


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