[Proposal][code] A Mute User Feature for the BBS

Hello everybody, your local friendly neighbourhood ghost popping in.

After extensive development and testing in a certain Cafe, I’m proud to unveil an Ignore User function - which is relatively easy for the admins here to implement and relatively lightweight on client-side.

If you’ve had a bad day and don’t want to deal with somebody’s blatherings, this code adds a convenient mute button. Click the microphone button (beside the timestamp). A prompt will ask you if you’re sure you want to mute them.

There are many situations where flagging is the wrong answer but you need serenity now. And this ignore button provides it. Whether it be an ex-partner or somebody who’s consistently wrong, this code has you covered.

Credit for the original implementation goes to SleepProgger for their userscript.

- tinoesroho

Installing the code (for users)
This works only on desktop browsers that have Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. Tampermonkey is available for Firefox, Chrome, and pretty much any browser. Has to be installed on each browser you use. This script is best paired with notification mutes (in setting panel).


Installing the code (for admins)
This code rolls it out to all clients. The limitations of this code are thus: it stores ignores via localStorage, so ignores only work per browser.

if (!this.GM_getValue || (this.GM_getValue.toString && this.GM_getValue.toString().indexOf("not supported")>-1)) {
    this.GM_getValue=function (key,def) {
        return localStorage[key] || def;
    this.GM_setValue=function (key,value) {
        return localStorage[key]=value;
    this.GM_deleteValue=function (key) {
        return delete localStorage[key];

  // After how long we try to update the user name. (Only relevant for the settings UI)
  var GET_USER_DATA_AFTER = 60*60;
  // Hide the full post like it was never there.
  var HIDE_FULL_POST = true;
  var HIDE_AVATAR = true;
  var HIDE_NAME = true;
  // Ad a butotn to hidden posts (if HIDE_FULL_POST == false) to temporary show the post.
  var ADD_TMP_SHOW_BUTTON = true;
  // Icons to use
  var ICON_MUTE = "fa-microphone-slash";
  var ICON_UNMUTE = "fa-microphone";
  var ICON_TMP_SHOW = "fa-eye";
  var ICON_TMP_HIDE = "fa-eye-slash";
  // Styles to use for the buttons
  var BTN_STYLE = "background: none; font-size: 1.3em; vertical-align:top; border:none;";
  var GR_COOKIE_NAME = 'bbs_community_mute';
  var hide_ids = $.parseJSON(GM_getValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, '{}'));
  function gen_prefixed_css(data, prefixes, values){
     // ahhhhhh
    var ret = "";
    for(i=0; i<prefixes.length; ++i){
      var tmp = data;
      for(j=0; j<values.length; ++j){
        // js... why is everything so complicated ?
        tmp = tmp.split(values[j]).join(prefixes[i]);
      ret += tmp;
    return ret;
  // inject CSS "MutationObserver" (see http://www.backalleycoder.com/2012/04/25/i-want-a-damnodeinserted/)
  var css = document.createElement('style');
  css.type = 'text/css';
  css.innerHTML = gen_prefixed_css("@keyframes nodeInserted { from {outline-color: #fff} to {outline-color: #000} }\n", ['keyframes', '-webkit-keyframes'], ['keyframes']) + 
    "article[data-user-id] {" + 
    gen_prefixed_css("animation: nodeInserted 0.01s;\n", ['animation', '-webkit-animation'], ['animation']) + 
  document.addEventListener('animationstart', handle_post, true);
  document.addEventListener('mozAnimationstart', handle_post, true);
  document.addEventListener('webkitAnimationstart', handle_post, true);

  function hide_post(article){
      article.parentNode.style.display = "none";
    article = $(article);
    if(HIDE_AVATAR) article.find('.topic-avatar').css('visibility', 'hidden');
    if(HIDE_NAME) article.find('.names').hide();
    article.find('.mute_btn').attr('title', 'Unmute user.').find('i').removeClass(ICON_MUTE).addClass(ICON_UNMUTE);
    if(ADD_TMP_SHOW_BUTTON) article.find('.show_post_btn').show();
  function unhide_post(article){
    article = $(article);
    article.find('.topic-avatar').css('visibility', 'visible');
    article.find('.names, .contents').show();
    article.find('.mute_btn').attr('title', 'Mute user.').find('i').removeClass(ICON_UNMUTE).addClass(ICON_MUTE);
    if(ADD_TMP_SHOW_BUTTON) article.find('.show_post_btn').attr('title', "Show post.").hide();

  function handle_post(event){
    if (event.animationName != 'nodeInserted') return;
    var post = event.target;
    var user_id = parseInt(post.getAttribute('data-user-id'));
    var _btn_title = "Mute this user.";
    var _btn_class = ICON_MUTE;
      var user_name = $(post).find('.username a').text();
      // Update our cached names.
      if(! $.isArray(hide_ids[user_id]) || hide_ids[user_id][0] != user_name){
        console.log("Update username for", user_id, user_name);
        hide_ids = $.parseJSON(GM_getValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, '{}')); // in case another tab changed it
        hide_ids[user_id] = [user_name, new Date().getTime() / 1000];
        GM_setValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, JSON.stringify(hide_ids));
      _btn_title = "Unmute user."
      _btn_class = ICON_UNMUTE;
    // Add buttons
    var node = $(post);
    if(node.find('.mute_btn').length > 0) return;
    var btn = $('<button title="'+_btn_title+'" style="'+BTN_STYLE+'" class="mute_btn"><i class="fa '+_btn_class+'"></i></button>');
      var btn_tmp = $('<button title="Show post." style="display:none; '+BTN_STYLE+'" class="show_post_btn"><i class="fa '+ICON_TMP_SHOW+'"></i></button>');
        if(this.title == "Show post."){ // dirty
          this.title = "Hide post.";
          this.title = "Show post.";

  function on_mute_user(evt){
    var article = $(this).parents('article');
    // We don't handle the case of multiple authors of a post (wiki).
    var username = article.find('.username a').text();
    var user_id = parseInt(article[0].getAttribute('data-user-id'));
    var _question = "Mute ";
    var _func = hide_post;
      _question = "Unmute ";
      _func = unhide_post;
    if (confirm(_question + username + " ?")){
     hide_ids = $.parseJSON(GM_getValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, '{}')) // in case another tab changed it
     if(hide_ids[user_id]) delete hide_ids[user_id];
     else hide_ids[user_id] = [username, new Date().getTime() / 1000];
     GM_setValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, JSON.stringify(hide_ids));
    return false;

  function jumpToPost(postid){
    var topic = Discourse.__container__.lookup('controller:topic');
  * UI stuff follows
  Discourse.PageTracker.current().on('change', function(url){
  function _lookup_user(user_id, user, cb){
    // TODO: Does the store cache data ? Or is there some user cache somewhere we can use ?
    var user_id = user_id;
    var user_name = user[0];
    if(user_name.length == 0){
      cb(user_id, "", -1, false);
      return false;
    var age = (new Date().getTime() / 1000) - user[1];
    if(age <= GET_USER_DATA_AFTER){
      cb(user_id, user_name, age, true);
    var store = Discourse.__container__.lookup('store:main');
    a = store.find('user', user_name).catch(function(){
      // Prevent error report from being generated
      console.log('lookup_user', user_id, "Invalid username");
      // TODO: we could search the first x pages of the user endpoint
      // to see if we find the user.
      cb(user_id, user_name, age, false);
      if(data.id === user_id){
        cb(user_id, user_name, 0, true);
      cb(user_id, user_name, age, false);
  function setup_settings_ui(){
    if(!window.location.pathname.match('/preferences(/account/?)?$') ) {
    var settings_pane = $('.pref_cfg_mute_user');
    var blocked_count = Object.keys(hide_ids).length;
    var box;
    if(settings_pane.length > 0){
      settings_pane.attr('data-user-count', blocked_count).find('select').html("");
      box = settings_pane.find('select');
      settings_pane = $('<div class="pref_cfg_mute_user control-group" data-user-count="'+blocked_count+'"></div>');
      box = $('<select size="5"></select>');
      var btn_del = $('<button class"btn-secondary btn ember-view">Unhide</button>');
      var btn_import = $('<button class"btn-secondary btn ember-view">Import</button>');
      var btn_export = $('<button class"btn-secondary btn ember-view">Export</button>');
      settings_pane.append('<label class="control-label">Muted user</label>');
      settings_pane.append(btn_import, btn_export, '</br>', box, '</br>', btn_del);
        hide_ids = $.parseJSON(GM_getValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, '{}')) // in case another tab changed it
        var data = JSON.stringify(hide_ids);
        prompt("Select all and copy the data:", data);
        return false;
        var selected = box.val();
        if(selected != -1){
          selected = parseInt(selected);
          var option = box.find('option:selected');
          if (confirm("Unmute " + option.text())){
            hide_ids = $.parseJSON(GM_getValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, '{}')) // in case another tab changed it
            delete hide_ids[selected];
            GM_setValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, JSON.stringify(hide_ids));
        return false;
    hide_ids = $.parseJSON(GM_getValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, '{}')) // in case another tab changed it
    for(var i in hide_ids){
      i = parseInt(i);
      if(! $.isArray(hide_ids[i])){
        hide_ids[i] = ["", new Date().getTime() / 1000]
      var option = $('<option value="'+i+'">Loading info</option>');      
      _lookup_user(i, hide_ids[i], function(user_id, user_name, age, success){
        var now = new Date().getTime() / 1000;
        hide_ids[user_id] = [user_name, now-age];
        GM_setValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, JSON.stringify(hide_ids));
        option = box.find('option[value="'+user_id+'"]');
          option.text("User id: " + user_id);
          // TODO: Ask if we should crawl the first x userpages via the API to find the username.
          last_seen = age >= 60*60 ? parseInt(age/60/60) + " hours ago" : parseInt(age/60) + " minutes ago";
          if(user_name.length) last_seen += " as user " + user_name;
          option.css('color', 'red').attr('title', "Couldn't find username.\nLast seen "+last_seen+".\nSimply continuing to browse might fix this.");
  function on_import(){
    hide_ids = $.parseJSON(GM_getValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, '{}')) // in case another tab changed it
    var data = prompt("Paste your exported data:");
    if(!data || data.length < 5) return false;
    var data = $.parseJSON(data);
    for(var i in data){
      i = parseInt(i);
        var old_data = hide_ids[i];
          hide_ids[i] = data[i];
          if( !$.isArray(data[i]) || old_data[1] >= data[i][1] )
            hide_ids[i] = old_data;
            hide_ids[i] = data[i];
    GM_setValue(GR_COOKIE_NAME, JSON.stringify(hide_ids));
    return false;

h/t SleepProgger

Updated code based on new upstream by SleepProgger


Thanks for this. I’ll give it a try. I will say it’s a credit to the moderators and existing system on a BBS with this level of traffic and users that there are only six people maximum who I’d perma-mute. However, I’m glad I’ll now be able to do more than scroll past the posts of this relative handful of problematic users who are allowed to remain.

As a side note, I do think that if the admins decide to roll this out to all clients they might also consider a modification that allows for server-side storage of ignore lists; coupled with some analytic scripts on the admin backend I believe that this might provide a useful tool for mods to identify users who the community regards as on-going problems (e.g. by surpassing a set number of mutes) for further investigation and action.


A server-side plugin that reads from the Notification mute list as the source would be good. I’m not sure if the notification mutes show up on a list for admins (if not, why not?) but that would work best.

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