The US requires visas for some EU citizens, so now all US citizens visiting the EU will be subjected to border formalities too

To be fair isn’t this like Australia’s e-visa? (Pretty much instant and free/low cost)

Also, if I’m reading this correctly does this mean an American could visit for 3 years? Previous limit was 90 days iirc

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My passport includes “By order of Her Majesty…” and says I can travel “without let or hindrance.”

Just gonna stroll past saying “Liz says it’s fine.”


So true. And Left-wingers won’t rejoice until socialism requires papers and checkpoints within everyone’s own countries.


Because internal passports are on the long-term agenda of every socialist politician. Right.

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As I understand it the CNN article conflates 2 things - the introduction of a new ESTA-like visa, and possible extra limitations on US citizens due to their treatment of some EU nations (as yet not described, you might have to queue at an embassy somewhere to get a visa)


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Fair is fair. When Brazil did it I thought it was not only appropriate but terribly civil and elegant.


I have often wondered how ESTA qualifies as “visa-free” travel. You have to apply in advance, supply an intrusive level of detail (now including social media logins!), and pay a fee. The previous system involved filling out a little green form on the plane.


Well, in the early 2000s, our paranoia has been a little bit slower to develop than American paranoia, so at first, we frankly didn’t see the need. And not labeling it as a visa allowed us to keep up the illusion of reciprocity. I’ve been to Turkey and Sri Lanka, I had to fill out online forms for both that were about at an ESTA level of inconvenience; in one case, that was called a visa, in the other case it was a “travel authorization” and a visa was issued on the border without further ado.

But then the US also demands real visas (in-person interview at an embassy) from European citizens for various reasons like America’s vendetta against Iran. As my choice of where I travel should be none of any government’s business, we should at least have started collecting a hefty fee from every American traveller for reasons of reciprocity.
I am not generally for closed borders, but using a “divide and conquer” tactic against Europe or punishing Europeans for visiting countries that America doesn’t like must be associated with a certain cost.


Cheaper than an ESTA!

Hey! Over here! In Reality!? Yeah, over here, Broken-Record-guy!

It’s been the Trump Administration that’s been doing the “Papers please” thing inside the United States for a couple years now. Your projection is showing!


I was stopped at an internal checkpoint in the US and asked my citizenship 5 years before that buffon took office.

And what made you think that the LEOs (I assume you were’t checked by some random person) were Socialists? You might want look into the political leanings of ICE and CBP, and US LEOs in general.


Also ICE was founded during the Bush administration.


While I understand and appreciate the sentiment, the better short-term approach would be for the EU to retain its existing policy. It would thus continue to welcome American dollars and brains and expertise that would prefer not to stay in a land of brain-dead protectionism and isolationism “led” by a moron. It will also eliminate some hassle when (if?) sanity and normalcy returns to the White House.

Historically, Nativism and anti-immigrant sentiment in the U.S. have been rooted in right-wing populism. When it comes to opposing the ever-growing border zone and the overreach of ICE, it’s been liberals, progressives, and self-described socialists who’ve taken the lead over the past 17 years, not conservatives or the Know-Nothing 27%.


Not sure why you think it’s the “left wingers” that wants this or what is has at all do with socialism. “Papers Please” is a fascist authoritarianism thing.

The ACLU (that notorious left-wing group) has been fighting the 100-mile border zone for a long time. BTW, it was originally established in 1953 edit: actually it was 1946 with the passing of the Immigration and Nationality Act that established a 25 mile border zone. It was increased to 100 miles in 1953.


Pretty sure it means Americans can enter for as many times as they want within three years after issue, not that they can stay for three years, if that’s what you meant.


But I thought we were too busy trying to abolish borders? So which is it?


Note that ETIAS is not a visa, it is a traveler registration for pre-authorization. A visa requires a much deeper background check, is far more restrictive, and typically requires filing a long application to the consulate of the country you want to visit (including in many cases a visit to the consulate or consular division of the embassy), and is also much more costly.

Rather, ETIAS is similar to ESTA in the USA, which is for citizens of countries where the US does not require a visa (“visa waiver program”). The rules are very similar (i.e., after a passport has been registered with ESTA or ETIAS, you can have as many entries to the US or Schengen zone as one wants), but ETIAS is much cheaper than ESTA…