Proposed Massachusetts law would let cops steal your car if it had a "hidden compartment"


Ugh. Not surprised. Civil forfeiture really has turned into a gangster racket.


LOL. Put it on a car the doesn’t have one.

They tear your car apart and find nothing and you can slap you’re head, “Oh shit, I put it on the wrong car!”


Good joke, but it does have some, uh, drawbacks . . .


I just bought a used car. I guess I shoulda asked about hidden compartments before buying it. If there are any I’ll never find them.

BTW-- I live in MA, where the f@#k is “Fitchfield”? I think you mean “Fitchburg”, one of our depressed old mill-towns that’s feeling the opioid epidemic. Stupid misguided law, if you want to end the opioid epidemic then treat it like a health problem instead of a crime problem. Nobody wants to be addicted.


If they can’t find it, it just means you are EXTRA GUILTY of hiding it really really well.

I’ve been pulled over and had my car searched a few times, and every time they act like “well we know you are guilty, but we just couldn’t find it.” you tear any car apart and you can find a hidden compartment.

Does between the seat cushions count as a hidden compartment? i’m fairly certain i have several dollars hidden there that i can get in case of an emergency…lol.


It’s for people who have time and money to fuck with people.

I remember a comedy routine from the 90s. I can’t remember the comic, but this was his bit:

"If you got nothing to do for the next, oh, 3 to 6 months, do what I do when you get pulled over for speeding. Pull over and when he comes to the window, roll it down slowly and say this:

"Good evening, officer. Is there a proble-there’s nothing in the trunk! No guns. No drugs. No… dead… bodies…

“You want to look? I’ve got a key! We can go back there together!”


Clearly, you are trying to establish that whatever is in that compartment is something you could not have known was there.

Huh, come to think of it, I’ve never looked in mine either.


Hidden cash is one of the things they are interested in.


I dropped a ticket for a parking garage down the gap next to the parking brake handle. Would that count? I mean, it was worth $12, which was the “lost ticket” price I had to pay to escape the garage.


I had to look this up, too; Hay is indeed the Fitchburg state rep.


I realize that I am arguing against the legality of civil asset forfeiture when I ask this but, isn’t punishment implied in the seizure (loss) of personal assets? To say nothing of any presumed innocence or guilt, and a lack of due process when the onus is taken off the “justice” system and put on the person whose assets were seized (cough cough STOLEN cough).

In Denver, it’s a common sight to see the permanent electronic road signs operated by the city and state DOT with a message something to the effect of:


…Would that be encouraging one to break the law in a state with such a law is the one proposed in Mass?


Christ, what a Masshole!


That was my first thought. How do they prove you installed the hidden compartment?

Ha ha! Who am I kidding? They don’t have to prove anything to take your car.


Well, he can propose it all he wants, his buddies are too busy trying and failing to mess up the Marijuana Ballot Initiative that passed last year. At this rate there will be no regulations, since these yahoos can’t agree on anything - so it’ll probably just be a giant legal black market.

Which is better than Nevada has managed.


my guess is it will be a tool to get rid of van-dwellers.


Hey, no Game of Thrones talk. I can’t watch until tomorrow.


I’ll admit that I misread that as “Do not use if GWB”. I thought that being an old POTUS was probably the best defence against drug offences there is.


Or a hidden key box under the bumper.


Driving while old white guy is probably the safest choice, i don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Every car has a hidden compartment. I mean, those doors have locks on, man! How much more hiddden could it be?