Proposed Massachusetts law would let cops steal your car if it had a "hidden compartment"


It could atlesat land in prison for two years


Mr. Gurley’s case, from 2013, is still open with a jury trial currently scheduled for December 2017.

Four plus years of legal hell for hiding air.


if the vehicle is irish or even bullet-proof it’s still a curse


BoingBoing headline if Hay were a member of the other party:

Massachusetts Republican wants to let cops steal your car if it has a “hidden compartment”


It takes a skilled writer to use a news story about a Massachusetts bill outlawing hidden compartments in cars as an excuse to rail against Obama expanding electronic surveillance over three years ago.


That’s just not believable.


are these people white or black?


citizens have the luxury of presumed innocence but civil forfeiture cases are the state vs your car and your car doesn’t have such rights.
The whole thing is a mess of legal fiction, logical contortion, and despotic statesmanship.


(1) There are 34 Republicans and 126 Democrats in the Massachusetts legislature.

(2) Therefore, the Democrat who proposed this law must have anticipated that he would get enough other Democrats to support it.


FTFY. I mean, what politician would introduce a bill just to please a constituent - one with no hope of passing. Oh, right, any of them.

Can’t fit that many pigeons in so few holes, srry. I’m in Massachusetts. Our (Rs) are (D)s to the likes of you (if you pigeonhole, you get pigeonholed)

also, thanks again for not stomping the fun out of every single humorous aside.


In case you haven’t noticed, all of the actual leftists here have been screaming Democrats=Bad, Republicans=Worse for quite a long time.


So, this car would be impounded then:


Well, yeah, it’s used by vigilantes wanted for a multitude of crimes.


Actually DWB also means DWEEB, so you get partial credit.


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