Proto-Fett: video of Boba Fett in white Here is the first “screen test” of Boba Fett for George Lucas that took place on June 28, 2013. At this point, Boba Fett’s armor was all white, based on concept art by Joe Johnston with Ralph McQuarrie. According to an article about “Proto-Fett” that previously was at, the white was "possibly a… READ THE REST

You sure that date is right? “June 28, 2013”?

Lucas was just WAY ahead of his time!

I smell prior art for Google Glass

Corrected! Thanks!

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Yeah the original costume was based off of paintings by Ralph McQuarrie. Several years ago they issued action figures based on the early McQuarrie concept art. One of them was for a white Boba Fett. Jeremy Bulloch was the man who eventually wore the armor for the films. He was also the Imperial officer who used Leia as a shield in Bepsin in ESB.

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