Pseudo Echo needs a ride or something


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If it ain’t got a vocoder, it ain’t Funkytown.

“Forget it, Giorgio – it’s Funkytown.”

If Psuedo Echo (I do love that name) needs some help moving, they should talk to this guy:


That’s it, we can stop taking nominations for worst cover evar.


True that. I’ll excuse this one though:


I like it!

they had an earlier new romantic phase as well:


I never understood the Pseudo Echo name, I always figured they should sound much more like the real Echo but just a little off, so you could always wonder whenever you heard a new song by them - hey is that Echo or just Pseudo Echo.


According to their Wikipedia page (which I was perusing just yesterday, oddly enough, so I’m writing from memory), it was named after a setting on their keyboard.


Uploader has not made this available in Australia. I guess I’ll have to walk up the road and see them play it live at my local RSL club.


I wonder if he ever moved. He’s was talking about it a lot.

In my experience, the more someone talks about it, the less likely they are to actually go to Funkytown.


This version, in addition to the below linked “Listening,” appeared in an 80’s surf movie “North Shore,” that had a gaggle of real surf pros in the cast.

While the Lipps Inc version is, of course, far better, I have fond memories of this version due to it being on “North Shore’s” soundtrack.

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