Psychedelic 'Mirror Maze' is a hidden gem deep within popular San Francisco tourist trap

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WOW! I wish I had known about this when I lived in the Bay Area! It’s on my list for my next visit.


I love mirror mazes and try to experience them whenever I find one at the various amusement parks I travel to. There aren’t many in the US, but they’re all over the place in other countries. Prater, in Vienna, has four or five. Many are junk - just scuffed, transparent plexiglass - but others can be tricky.

While I haven’t been to all of them, or even the one described in the article, the best of the many I’ve tried so far has been the Dulce Aventura (Candy Adventure) maze at Perimagico, a small park in a shopping mall outside Mexico City, which is similarly trippy. I really got lost and had trouble finding my way out!


Love, love, love mirror mazes! Visited Skyline Caverns in Virginia years ago and was delighted to find out that they have one: the “Enchanted Dragon Mirror Maze.” The physical maze is surprisingly small, but it was a blast. They unfortunately didn’t seem to advertise it nearly as much as the caverns.


5 bucks, nice.

Another 5 for a pre maze pre roll and you’ve got an afternoon.


To make it more worth the trouble of slogging through Pier 39, also visit the Musée Mécanique.


Don’t forget the USS Pampanito, you’ll smell like bunker oil/diesel for a while after but its pretty interesting.


Damn, Dirk Gently was right:

My kid’s B-day was last weekend; this year she wanted to celebrate at Pier 39, and this was one of the attractions we went to.

I wouldn’t want to be high while exploring the maze; it’s already disorienting enough as it is.


interesting, will definitely do this. I still need to put a dent in the dozens of walking tours the library offers.

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I couldn’t remember where we had done one at the insistence of children, but Skyline Caverns was it. We’ve family in Virginia, I kept thinking Luray Caverns but that’s the hedge maze. Thanks for the memory boost!

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MM is the BEST!

how will you find your way out if you can’t hear the colors

i thought figuring out your orientation was one of the traditional SF tourist activities? :wink:

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