Psychological disorder causes you to hallucinate your doppelgänger

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Excellent article.The linked articles from the BBC site are just as curious.

I actually experienced this one time, luckily I was able to kill the guy and take my place back in my family without any suspicion so it’s all good.


I had a dream similar to this when I was in high school shortly after my grandfather died. I was having difficulty focusing on my studies and couldn’t sleep well. Then one night I had a dream that I was at a door and my grandmother opened it and escorted me into a candlelit table where my grandfather was sitting. We proceeded to sit and have a wonderful dinner, talking about things. Then he said it was time for me to go but wanted me to understand that he was in a good place and he was happy. He hugged me and my Grandmother walked me out and I woke up at peace and felt happy. I told my Mom and she insisted I tell my about Grandma about it. I did and she started crying and said she’d been having similar dreams that week. Not necessarily a waking hallucination, but kind of a similar experience of finding closure through a post death conversation with a lived one.


Something like that happened to my father; gave him great comfort when he was circling the drain in hospice last year.

Come and play with us, Danny.


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