Public radio producer and American Muslim shares her 'Detainment Story'


Is this audio-only? Anybody got a transcript?

The transcript is at

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It’s not audio-only, it’s 'audio, but only if your car has magical Wifi when you’re driving on the highway’…

CBP to America and the world: you are not the boss of me. It makes my heart go overspeed to listen to this story.

As someone who is interested in Freedom From Religion, I don’t trust anything involving CAIR. They make it sound like American Muslims are victimized, when in fact the US is among the best countries in the world for religious freedom. It’s certainly far, far better to be a Muslim in the US than, say, an outspoken atheist in Morocco or Pakistan.

Now border agents have too little oversight, just like everywhere else in bureaucracies around the planet, but I find if you’re generally cooperative and polite, they tend to respect you back. Given the ongoing terrorist threat and known links with terror groups among populations in Minnesota/Michigan/Ontario (both the recent Kenya and Algeria terrorist attacks had members coming from these places), do they not expect to be asked to explain what they’re up to? Just like everyone else?

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