Public transit times mapped


That’s neat, but as someone who lives in Denver and takes the bus every day, it’s not accurate. It’s overestimating travel times between my office and home by ten–twenty minutes (depending on time of day). It’s also overestimating travel times along the light rail by a wide margin (it’s much faster than this map would have you believe), and it’s got other routes that I’m familiar with all wrong. The visualization is cool, but the data seems to be off.

Cold War Cowards! Work at the Epicentre, Live at the Epicentre I always say.

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I see nothing east of the Mississippi River here…would be nice if they included, oh, I dunno…Chicago, NYC…heck, even Detroit!

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It’s clearly inaccurate for San Francisco as well. It obviously doesn’t include BART. If you want accurate data on this subject go to and look at the travel time maps for various modes.

This looks awfully similar to which has been around for many years …

Maybe I missed it but at first glance the paper didn’t seem to say how they weighted different transportation modes (walk, car, transit, bike, helicopter, etc.) to get the “final” figure.

Agreed that Denver looks like a car/bus model with some (25%+) exaggeration from personal experience (maybe factored for weather?)

As a mass transit user I find that people often use studies like these to show that mass transit is impractical (as in "it would take me 2 hours to get to work by bus/subway) but the fact is people don’t use mass transit to go from random spot X to random spot Y. I chose my apartment in a large part because it was near numerous bus lines, and I wouldn’t work where I do if I couldn’t get there in a reasonable time.


I think he’s only using Muni. I put in an address next to a CalTrain station; the other stations should show up as red for a while along the line.

And is also way off. I’m 60 minutes from work at most by every day transit but it says I’m closer to 120 minutes. And that someone sixty miles away magically can get to work before me when I’m 20 miles away.

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