Puke machine actually has a point


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Ah, but does it taste like real puke? I doubt it.


Will it be found dead in a gutter. Will we talk about its promising career, cut short by drug abuse?


And poor Vomiting Larry was there first, coulda been a contender, but never broke the States. Vomiting robots? A dime a dozen, kid, what else ya got?


Norovirus is one of the most unpleasant illnesses I have ever contracted. The body’s reaction to it is so strong that the immune system doesn’t build a proper immunity, it just tells the GI tract to purge as much as possible, as quickly as possible, from both ends.

I wouldn’t wish it on anybody


“this isn’t a nasty toy or practical joke”. Give it time…


One year, most of my family, my in-laws and my husband caught it over Xmas and it was indeed horrible. My two younger brothers in law- normally very sturdy and healthy- were puking so violently and making such agonizing sounds all night that I kept checking to see if they were actually dying. I thought for sure I would get it since I was surrounded by sick people, but by the grace of some unicorn, I never got it (neither did my mother; I wonder if there is some genetic immunity). I had a tiny inkling of what it must have felt like to survive the great plague. Whew


Hmmm, so you can actually dust for vomit.

When you’re done for the day, just make sure the machine rests on its side.


Give it a pistol grip and a trigger and I’m in.


I remember that Christmas*. My then-toddler son wasn’t feeling well on an evening we were scheduled to visit a family friend’s house for a Christmas dinner. I advised we stay home, but my wife overruled me, thinking he just had a standard-issue tummyache. 20 minutes into our visit, he ralphed adorably on their living room floor. Charmed, the hostess and her daughter cleaned him up and comforted him.

Within forty-eight hours, 13 out of 15 people from that party were heaving into toilets. The hostess’ son and I were the only ones who managed to escape unscathed. I nursed my wife and kids back to health (doing lots and lots of laundry, mopping, and hand-washing) while my in-laws took turns filling the toilet in their hotel room.

A similar epidemic felled my family one Thanksgiving when I was around eleven, and also on another Christmas a couple years later (I did not escape those). Really puts a damper on holiday revelry.

*may not have actually been that particular Christmas



Thank you, Puke Machine!


Did you make that image?

Wow, I can envision 1,001 uses for it! Where was it last year?!


found it last night


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