Pulling chicken foot tendons turns them into horrible marionette puppets

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That’s how some jiu jitsu and some bodywork techniques work too. Anatomical knowledge is useful.


We are all just tendon puppets (in that sense). here’s the same for a dissected human arm/hand. warning! it’s a human hand/arm dissection. (you are warn-ed [finger-wag] “and just think of the tendons involved with that”)


I’ve long wondered if the linkages in Luke Skywalker‘s prosthetic hand are supposed to be physically connected to the original muscles in his forearm or if that cuff connected to his wrist just has a bunch of tiny motors to move his fingers.


The tendon-puller is so ashamed of this demonstration, that gloves were donned to hide anything that might identify them.

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Tom’s grampa is a butcher, and shows Tom the chicken feet trick. Tom plays a practical joke with the knowledge. Naughty Tom!


mmm… chicken feet!
now i want dim sum!

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Science has moved on from chicken tendons to dead spiders.

Can recommend this series



Never tried them, but always wondered how much work/how many it takes to make a meal (on a scale vs. necks and wings). :thinking:

a lot of spittin’ out tiny bones. a bit chewy. tastes of what it was braised in, 5spice, that sort of flavoring. much like the dim sum spare ribs - lots of bones.
i like it all with lots of chrysanthemum black tea.

Fun Fact: Your foot will do this too!

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I’m not sure that that fact is what I’d call fun…

I’m robotics lingo, fingers are underactuated. There’s ~one tendon, but 3 joints. Fully actuated would be one tendon per joint, but that wouldn’t get you a lot of useful new functionality, and you’d have forearms like Popeye.

… Or maybe the new functionality is the ability to crush a tin can like a toothpaste tube!

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Early hand-knotted rug automation mercifully involved chicken feet. They work a few years with bimonthly moisturizing. Drniking a horseradish beer while watching it, that’ll get you ghtough.

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