How to turn a chicken into a dinosaur




Chickens always walk like dinosaurs. Because they are dinosaurs!


Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom
Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom

actually syncs up pretty well with the gif, too.


I wish the chicken would turn into a Godzilla-like dino and smash the village of the person who put that uncomfortable thing on its tail.


So THAT'S how you do it! I've been ding it all wrong!

So many wasted years. . .


And here is a prosthetic ass for a human:


Yes, but, how do you make them think like a dinosaur?


That's an Ig Nobel Prize nominee if there ever was one!


You've never raised chickens....they are evil evil creatures.


I'd walk like a dinosaur too if I had that thing on my ass.


Best Muybridge homage ever. But can someone add a grid in the background?


I prefer the Steampunk version:


Jurassic peck?


So are cats. What's your point?


This is exactly right.

Ever seen a chickens eat a snake? Yikes. I had bantams, which are pretty small chickens, and I've seen them work together to tear apart 18" garter snakes.

Edited to correct spelling.


My sister has a strong dislike of chickens and all birds..She was 5 and was wearing her cute little 'cowgirl' outfit...with little rhinestone and sparkly bits attached on the outfit. She fell in the chicken house and was swarmed by the birds trying to pickout the shinny bits on her shirt and pants.

She never cared for birds or chicken after that.

The grandparents chicken house was a barn sized structure devoted entirely to chickens that roamed about on the floor space and had roosts along the walls. A couple of hundred of them...we aren't talking back yard stuff here. Almost commercial scale--and they did barter eggs and such with neighbors for milk, cheese, and vegetables.


Now your sciencin'!


I had chickens at the same time as Guinea hens and geese. I never had a problem with the Guinea hens (they were pretty shy), or the chickens (they were downright friendly to me), but geese are the devil. When I was real young, I wouldn't go out in the backyard to feed them without at least a whiffleball bat.

We never had anything on the scale you're talking about though. The most we ever had at a time was about 25 or 30.


Descended from velociraptors.


This is the best thing I've seen all day...