Pulped! A blender battle on the edge of the Oort Cloud

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Where’s the battle promised in the headline?

And how well would any regular blender perform in the micro-gravity of a planetoid? Do they have a gravity generator? Why do they rely on potentially unreliable shipments of food and not make space for a farm? Does Jax need some sort of DC to AC inverter or does this blender work on battery DC power, like is supplied in the ISS? Is there a lower mass option, than borosilicate glass, to save on shipping to the Oort Cloud?

I have questions.


Weird, we need a new blender… Cuisinart actually.
Appreciate that this story was labelled “ad” so i can ignore similar from now on.

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i’m pretty sure with smart devices, the battle is you.

… us versus the clickbait, once again we lose :point_down:

I know when I’m hanging out in the Oort cloud, where the temperature is a balmy -450F, an ice cold smoothie is always on my mind.

Maybe this bit of advertising fiction should have been set on Mercury?

well… i don’t know if you are watching loki, but last week’s episode takes place almost entirely in a well-known fast food restaurant where the actors say, “wow, this is really good” again. and again. and again.

i’ll take the blender. :confused:

Someone there thought that the blender could help inspire quantum entanglement. Out the airlock went that someone.

As god is my witness, I clicked assuming this had something to do with an CGI space battle rendered with Blender (and/or something related to Eve Online)


To be fair, whatever this ad is and the products being pushed, seem to be overall better than what is often with the “Boing Boing Shop” tags.

I’ll give this one a C- for effort and not being a horrible product.

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This headline is giving me Chuck Tingle vibes.

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