Punjammies: loungewear claimed to help victims of human trafficking

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Do they come in robot dog?


… Aren’t some of these places sweatshops? where people can’t just leave because they can be arrested/jailed for alleged sex work if they try to leave? Aren’t some of these places replicating the same abuse they claim to fight, just in another industry?

This looks great and I was about to buy some jammies for my partner. She would love them and she would love the story.
Then I took a moment to check the “about” pages and I paused. From what I know of commerce-based attempts to “save” people in foreign countries, I have reason to be suspicious with so little (basically no) mention of the Indian side of the business (see the web page titled, “2013/2014 Annual Report” http://sudara.org/pages/2013-2014-annual-report. Just looking at names, the only person possibly from Indian in the listed staff is an intern. If it’s for anonymity, I would understand - but it should say so if that is the case.

I want to be wrong in being suspicious.


Act locally. Change what is going on in your backyard. San Francisco has a huge problem with massage parlors staffed by trafficked women. The major issue is simply lack of enforcement of the laws that masseuses must have id and license. It’s not at all difficult to find and fine these places out of business. The issue is that it slips through the cracks because massage is rightly regulated by the health department rather than the police, and the health department is not set up for dealing with the organized crime gangs that run many of these places. A special unit with full time workers with specialized training and resources to take on the gangs needs to be established. This reminds me to advocate for such an independent health/social enforcement agency.

The other thing to do is object when people water down the phrase “human trafficking” by using it to refer to all prostitution. Human trafficking (slavery) is much worse than consensual prostitution by free adults.

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