Hawaii cops fake being groped to accuse massage parlor workers of sexual assault

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Did the massage workers counter-sue? Or were formal charges brought against the officers for sexual assault? Because if someone took my hand and forced it upon their genitals, I’d consider that a sexual assault against ME.


If anything, isn’t the guy who grabbed a woman’s hand and placed it on his penis the one who we should be looking into?

There are, certainly, consensual contexts in which that happens; but if the allegation hinges on their being an adversarial interaction (without one, ‘assault’ charges would be illogical); “I grabbed her hand and shoved it onto my dick” is…not the worlds most exculpatory… claim.


It really does sound like the cop is guilty of sexual assualt. Why hasn’t the DA pressed charged against the cop? They have all the evidence they need… a confession.


Intentional Ladies Man reference or Typo?

“Aww yeah, putting the Sensual back into Con-Sensual”


Just a typo, I’m afraid. I do love a bad pun(and a good one; but bad ones are most of the population); but that was just sloppy keyboarding.

While I’m glad the police confessed–although I’ll be surprised if they’re prosecuted–it also amazes me that the police confessed. Did they not realize they were admitting to a crime?

I suppose it could be worse. They could have gotten confidential informants with criminal records to solicit sex in exchange for reduced sentences.


If the police run a sting, and it turns out they were wrong, there was no actual crime to catch someone doing, do they feel like they haven’t done their job?

There is something very “human nature” about this, like when a scientist has to fake data to make it look like he actually discovered something-- disproving your own hypothesis is perfectly valid science, but I can see it feeling like a letdown.


It is pretty simple and anyone should understand: if in a place of business I grab a womans hand and place it on my genitals I was not sexually assaulted, I was the assaulter.

Dismissing the charges sounds like too little.


But an awful lot of massage workers are in the country illegally, and find it nearly impossible to assert their rights.


Should that be consensual or consensuous?

I could be wrong, but it seems like these women were already brought up on charges, in court, and had proper representation by a lawyer. Any fear these women had of deportation should have gone along with their original arrest – horse had left the barn, so to speak. So, if I’m already in court to defend myself, I’m in a pretty good position to assert my rights. I would hope that the City Prosecutor who brought the charges against the women in the first place might realize that he mixed up the assaulter and assaultees in this case. Perhaps the women chose not to press charges, and if they did, I suspect it might be due to the bias against their (real or perceived) profession as opposed to their immigration status.


The city prosecutor?

Bring charges against the police?

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Let it be known that I believe in unicorns too. :wink:


gives a whole new meaning to cop a feel


Experience has shown that it’s not a crime when police do it.

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