"I don’t know any man who wants to just snuggle," says anti-Snuggle House city attorney


I think it sounds like he needs a snuggle.



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He, she, whatever. Just count me among the willing in the Snuggle Coalition.
If there is such a thing.
And it sounds like there should be.


“No offense to men, but I don’t know any man who wants to just snuggle,” says assistant city attorney Jennifer Zilavy.

No offense to assistant city attorney Jennifer Zilavy, but I don’t need to know how sad her personal life is.


The Coalition of the Cuddly?


At this point the name is less important than having an opportunity to lie down and be comforted. And who the hell doesn’t want that? I mean, besides Jennifer Zilavy.


So let the cops do a sting and have a nice relaxing cuddle while on the job.


Sadly, I assume the sting would involve female officers trying to get male snugglers to pay for sex. Or maybe just agree to go have sex. In the case of the former, they’d eventually find SOMEBODY who would think that was a good idea. In the case of the latter, it would probably be relatively easy to find a mark. ('Cause, after all, it wouldn’t be beyond the pale for a couple of 20-somethings to meet at a cuddle house and then proceed to hook up.) And then the whole thing would be busted.

It really makes me angry when society characterizes all men everywhere as sex-fiend perverts all the time. It’s degrading and incorrect and basically bullshit.


We wouldn’t be such sex fiends if women weren’t dressing like they wanted it all the time.


It only took a few sex-fiend perverts to ruin society for the rest of us.

We don’t shut down meat market bars/clubs/etc… just because people hook up after meeting one another in them. If someone is using the cuddle meetings to solicit prostitution, then they can be prosecuted under regular old solicitation laws.

Unless they can show that the primary purpose of these cuddle meetings is to facilitate prostitutes and johns, I don’t see what leg the city has to stand on.


That brings up a really interesting failing of most sting operations: they don’t have a control group, or a comparison population. Stings are really like little experiments that say “If I introduce A to population B, and I cause behavior C, then I can conclude that behavior C is unique to population B, and I should put them in a concrete box for the good of all mankind.” In this case, if they do the sting you describe, they should also be legally obligated to do the same thing in the Starbucks down the street. I’d wager the results would not be significantly different.


This. Men have no self control; they have no higher brain functioning than eat-sleep-impregnate…why don’t men get angry about being portrayed like this?

Besides, what I’ve learned from personal experience is that on average men are at least equal in their eagerness to find someone, settle down, and – yes, horror of horrors – snuggle with them.


Elaine: Get those clothes off. You’re going to spend the night and we’re going to cuddle.
Puddy: What?
Elaine: You heard me. Strip!

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Shit. I do all the time. It makes it hard to have normal relationships with women. I’ve found it’s easy to date or form a platonic friendship with a relatively enlightened woman, but I meet people all the time who expect me and every man they meet to have typical mannerisms that just aren’t there. Not because I’m exceptional, but because most men don’t fit that image exactly. Don’t get me started on the agony of men who don’t but try.

ETA: Actually I’m thinking of a specific manifestation of this in my life. I like movies, and I like going to the theater all the time. I can’t tell you how many time I was specifically not invited to see something because “it was a chick flick, I didn’t think you’d want to see it.”


Snuggling is one of the things I miss the most from my marriage.

I wonder if Mrs Anti-Snuggle Lawyer misses snuggling, too.



Advertising doesn’t help. Men in adverts are either models/sportsmen, or they are totally useless, beer swilling, lazy wastes of space who can barely tie their shoelaces without help. Although these doofuses all seem to have married and had children with ultra-capable, model/CEO/ninjas who are raising nine children single-handedly (because said doofus is no use) all while managing to have lots of hobbies and spend time having surprisingly animated coffee-breaks with their girlfriends.

And of course we all have to be into sports.

But then women have had decades of being portrayed as barely conscious simpletons. Perhaps in a few decades time things might have evened out a bit.


On the plus side, you probably didn’t have to watch Sex and the City 2.


I was about to say, this DOES make men angry. At least, the men I know.

I’d also add that one of the things I think helps remove this kind of stigma (which is really just “othering” of different sexes/genders) is actually having non-sexual interactions with those sexes/genders. I have a really different idea of what “guys are like” than a lot of women I’ve met. And, from my anecdata, the one thing that seems to be different between women who really other guys and those who don’t (and, for that matter, men who other women and those who don’t) is whether they’ve had platonic friendships. If you’ve actually been close to someone outside the context of dating and sex, it’s easier to see them as more than just an object for dating/sex.


What’s totally awesome about being a guy is the staggeringly low standard set for us.

Take the kids out by yourself for a few hours? You are now the best dad.
Change a diaper? You are now the best dad and will be publicly praised.
Change a diaper at a playgound when a playoff game is on? Parade and key to the city.

I mean, these are typical parent tasks and whenever a male parent does it people are just in awe. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care about the playoff game and would rather spend the day coloring at the art museum, people will just go on about it. It’s insane.