Punk sofa


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...make a sofa that looks like you skinned a herd of crustypunks and made a sofa out of their pelts.

Nice! Actually, that gives me an idea…a denim based “rug” with a spiked mohawk wig sewn to one end and some cut open Docs at the other.


Punks can afford $5,000 sofas?


I too will chime in to say there is nothing punk about spending money, ANY amount of money, on a sofa. Sorry if you think I’m being a purity troll. But a real punk sofa is a wad of dirty pillows and clothes, maybe piled on top of a wood pallet. Or a dingy stained futon mattress found in the street. Or nothing at all. Also, $5000 buys so much booze and drugs that if any punk had $5000 they’d be dead.


This is a PunkTM themed consumer product.

An actual punk sofa is one that you made or customised yourself- DIY is punk. Being a maker is Punk.


remember when we used to make fun of boomers for their mid-life crisis conspicuous consumption? we hadn’t seen nothin’ yet.

a red, two-seater convertible is waaaaaayyy less embarrassing than this.

and now, when you go to your in-laws’ or your boss’ house, you’ve gotta deal with this. “Oh, Noah, you’ll love this! C’mon, sit in it, I know you’re into punk haha!” [sits] “Perfect! say, let’s get a picture!”


I bet Johnny Lydon has a room decorated in this style in his house, and then maybe another room in the style of Album.


Real punk sofas are customarily decorated with a different sort of “white paint pen”.



It’s a lot cheaper too, if you start with something like this (if you really must buy a new sofa).


found it:


punk sofa (evolved, not designed)


“This anti-establishment iconography is perfect for my direct-to-theme-restaurant furniture business!”


I must be tired. I spent five minutes wondering when DJ Lars started making punk rock.


Ha! Well, certainly more punk than that sofa.


Five Large and I have to do it myself?

Punk sofa?

More like Punk’d sofa.


Too effete. It should have been found next to a bin and have someone’s pet rat living in it (mine did FWIW).


Gabber is punk as fuck. I also content that happy hardcore, at this point in time, has essentially become folk music. We must be onto at least the fourth generation of fans by now.


Pffffft, I bet it doesn’t even have fleas.


I cannot consider myself an expert in these things because I only did sound and lights for one punk rock band back in 1983. I do recall, however, that their home furnishings consisted entirely of mattresses which had been discovered in an abandoned state. The mattresses were collected and then stacked along every wall and every floor so as to facilitate genre-based dance moves and/or alcohol-induced unconsciousness. I’m sure they would have been delighted to cover every available surface with band logos, but band merch of that sort was not widely available or was hand-manufactured by young people too ambitious to stay punk for long. This couch is for Posers, if I am using the term correctly.