Folding coffin sofa


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10K don’t go so far nowadays…


Yeah, but you can’t take it with you, but this sofa you can.


I want to sit on that and eat Count Chocula.


I’m dying to get one of these, it would be a great place to rest in peace. I just can’t imagine coffin up 10k for one.


It’s as beautiful as it in uncomfortable looking.


Is no-one going to say “Thank heaven for Habitat sofa-coffins”?


The poor could never afford coffins anyway,


I’m going to run with my first impressions here.

Florida: Of course it’s about Florida. It started with an F and the first letter is capitalized.

Coffin: Fits in with the alt, goth, winter solstice, geeks who hang out here.

Soda: Who doesn’t want a tasty bubbly beverage, in keeping with your social mores.

Looking forward to Florida Coffin Soda being on the market soon.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

A sofabed for vampires?


It’s presently on sale for $7000! Must be a CyberMonday deal!


… are there really a lot of Goths in Florida? Really?

Goth Talk was right?

Explore Sorian Grey


My first thought: “Thank heaven for Habitat Sofa Coffins!”


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