Punkt MP 01: a simple, but not uselessly minimalist basic phone


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Review: Punkt's MP01 is the ultimate minimalist dumbphone

Given the company name, the price, and their other products/product descriptions, I can’t help but think this is all an elaborate practical joke.


Not sure, this is similar to the tone of manufactum - I think Punkt addresses a similar audience, only for technological minimalism.

[hmm, maybe you’re right and all stores like this are actually practical jokes at the expense of the target group]


Would be interesting to see if they could’ve made the cellphone with e-ink with a decent light on it to see the screen in the dark. Still i really like the cellphone’s design.

If i saw someone with a dumbphone though i’d assume they were being either thrifty, were broke, or they’ve got some sketchy side business :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


$295.00? WTF is that…


Probably in artisanal breakfast cereals in Shoreditch/Brooklyn.


Apparently, you can sell a phone for $12 if you design it in China, but it costs $300 if you do that work in the USA.


Europeans and Asians can get a $25, unlocked, GSM phone.
You want a similar phone in the US?
$100 minimum, and it’s hobbled in comparison.

$295 for a dumb phone?
punkt is on crack.


Not many years ago I recall buying a simple Samsung 2.5G phone with 3 weeks of battery life w/o plan, €19 (cash), prepaid data SIM card from a kiosk nearby (€39).
Ok, the design is nicer with this one tho.


[quote=“ambiguator, post:8, topic:67027, full:true”]seriously.
Europeans and Asians can get a $25, unlocked, GSM phone.
You want a similar phone in the US?
$100 minimum, and it’s hobbled in comparison.[/quote]

I think you need to look around more. You can get an unlocked GSM phone in the US for 15 to 30 dollars from Target.

Now, they may not compare feature-wise to the Asian and European phones you refer to—hard to say without details—but a cheap unlocked cellphone can be easily found for much less than $100.


By “Camera Paint” do they mean black paint that will quickly scratch off and reveal the metal underneath?


Didn’t you ever find a Moto F3? I got mine for $16 unlocked.


“similar” - in features, functionality, battery life, etc. - being the operative word here


It’s quite possible that you are correct, and that they are addressing a very specific segment of the market. If that’s the case, then I salute them for charging $200 for what is effectively a travel alarm clock.

(Side note that amuses me to no end: the description mentions “no radiation emissions” but it appears to have luminescent hands. Light, of course, is a form of electromagnetic radiation.)




Had one of these. No longer available though :cry: .


I expect that is totally the idea.


I owned a Moto F3 for years and all my hankering now is about wanting something similar that a) will work on a 3G network (2G is getting spotty where I live) and b) had a slightly better display that could actually show a whole phone number.


Name or number larger than six digits? Let’s get scrolling. Punctuation? Hmm, some. You can tell a period from a comma from context, you see? Uppercase AND lowercase letters? Don’t be ridiculous. We could only afford some of each, whimsically mixed together for your amusement.

Texting was a bit hilarious. But oh, that battery life.


It’s nice and minimal; but you’d better have a real commitment to hypermodern furnishing accented with greyscale ‘post-representational’ prints(originals, obviously); to pay a factor of ten more than what a Nokia 106 or the like would run you(unlocked, if you were planning to sell your soul to a given carrier, it would be less.)

There’s a long tradition of ‘artisinal’ or otherwise trendy appropriation of poor people stuff, like PBR, trucker hats, and gentrifiable neighborhoods; but this one seems substantially undermined by the fact that there are still plenty of professionals who know a great deal about making cellphones churning out minimalist cellphones for the ‘actually poor people’ market at much more realistic prices. Not quite as much purity of essence; but feel the price.