Put music therapy to work with this science-backed app

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/04/16/put-music-therapy-to-work-with.html

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$39.99? I’ll stick to my mix of Hendrix through onto Pixies and back to Status Quo. Get’s the job done every time…


Roger That!

(Rogers: Waters, Daltrey, Taylor, Hodgson, Glover, McGuinn … to name a few.)

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…the app pulls up a soundtrack scientifically engineered to fire up just the neurons you need…

I hurt myself laughing! (But that’s the best medicine.)

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If it’s anything like the musical lineup they play on curated radio stations, I’ll happily pass.

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A subscription for my lifetime or Humm.ly’s?

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Theirs, unless you go first.

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