Putin and Kim Jong-un deepfakes used in political ads

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Deep fake AI shit is a slippery slope that I hope we all refuse to go down, but I know full well it will soon turn into yet another ultra-fast race to the digital bottom. It’s cool if you can make the messages positive, correct, appropriate, and whatnot. But this sort of digital tool is a razor-sharp double-edged sword, to be sure.


Fake Kim Jong-Un’s voice is much deeper than his real voice.

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The deeps are fake, but the funny is real.

Yeah, I agree, these deepfakes are pretty f’d up. Regardless of who’s side uses them this just a Pandora’s Box.


Fake Kim Jong-Un actually has some good charisma…


Fake Vladimir Putin sounds like Bela Lugosi as Dracula.

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The quality of the Kim Jong-Un one.
If I’d seen that in passing with a random person I didn’t know, it would never have occurred to me that it was fake.

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Fake Vlad is such a liar.

Vlad Dracula or Vlad Putin - your choice… :wink:
To be serious for a moment, these deepfakes are pretty scary, because probably 90% of people seeing them without the bit at the end would be convinced, I’m certain of that, and this will get better/worse, depending on how you look at it.
Considering how many swallow the lies of QAnon and Drumph, I can only see an ever-deepening rabbit hole that these things will be dragging gullible, and even not so gullible people into. :frowning:

Whoever made the Putin ad was a Lugosi fan.

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