AI startup makes a deepfake to look and sound like podcaster Joe Rogan

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Good, but since I was looking for it, I detected things that didn’t completely sync up. Though I might not have if I wasn’t looking closely. But the voice is spot on.

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Seriously, we are dissolving reality. This shit’s going to be generated real-time sourced from algorithms that will predict what we’ll be most easily duped by. We’re not going to be able to trust our own hands.

you don’t even need a deep fake with Joe:

Peeps need to start deep-faking (speech & video) Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, etc. taking smart anti-racist, pro-PoC, pro-commie, pro-woman, pro-queer, etc. analyses… could even script a whole season of material starting from familiar right-wing gasbaggery leading to “You know, I’ve got to thinking about some of my messaging in light of recent events…” and winding up at “START THE REVOLUTION!”


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