Putting a large marshmallow gummy bear in a vacuum chamber


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Vacuum chamber channel > hydraulic press channel


Ultimate channel: hydraulic press in vacuum chamber.

(ETA: with a red hot nickel ball.)


Kind of like me from Friday through Monday.


Vacuum chambers are very dangerous, so we must deal with them.


Like a vision from a nightmare.


…with a giant industrial shredder frosting.


Is this a Gummy or a Peeps? I don’t think Gummies react this way, since they have no internal air pockets. Any marshmallow will blow up just like Mr. Bear. I think it’s an off-brand Peeps; they make chickies and bunnes, but I’ve never seen Peeps teddies.


I’m more interested in where the bear came from than its death by vacuum. Is this a commercially available product, or is it a custom creation, perhaps maybe made using one of those big gummy bear containers as a mold? If it is commercially available, who would buy such a thing? If it’s custom, who would make such a thing only to destroy it?

You monster.

You Monster

Probably, but I dunno in what country. Peeps technology has proliferated around the world at this point, and there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle.


T.S. Eliot
“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but with a Peep.”



tune in for next weeks exciting episode:

it’ll leave you breathless


Wait, so that means no Peeps on Mars? I’m cancelling my trip.


Why did that make me so nervous?


There are Peeps bears (or is it Moose?).
Mouse, perhaps?


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