Vacuum chamber vs giant gummi-marshmallow


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Awww, the marshmallow lost. :frowning:


This fate should be reserved for alien gods intent on destroying the world.


Next experiment…




I like to think of this as the past, present and future of Trump’s narcissistic ego.


That explains the orange goo on his face. It covers a skin condition just like the inflated bear.

(I dare someone to photo shop that.)


*Looking around in confusion* “What’s that sound? Sounds like someone screaming while moving farther and farther away.”

*Shrug* “Dunno…probably the pump or something…”


Perhaps someone could phop the Wright painting?



It’s either a gummi bear or a marshmallow bear, it cannot be both.

I bet a gummi bear could handle the vacuum.


Otherwise known as “The Michelin Man Effect”.


This is what happens when fans make their own Ghostbusters-reboot-sequel.


Hard vacuum, Cory? That piddling little lab set up doesn’t look like it would reach the 10-6–10-3 Torr level of gas extraction [another source insists on 10-7 Torr as the definition of ‘hardness’].

To put it another way, How Many Torr?


One person’s vacuum is another person’s pea soup.


This was wonderful to watch to the strains of Country Mike.


I wish they had let the air back in before it actually “popped” I was hoping to see it return to somewhat resembling it’s original shape.


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