QAnon gains mainstream appeal with tens of millions in GOP funding

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It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

And it’s pretty fucking bad already.




I just hope the “gets better” isn’t on the far side of “catastrophe”


Catastrophe isn’t something that’s coming; we’re living it.


“QAnon appears to be a growing political movement with increasing clout and significant mainstream appeal.”



Absolutely. When one of the republic’s duopoly parties openly and cynically embraces conspiricists and fascists and theocrats and death cultists, liberal democracy is on the line.


I disagree with you a little bit. I’m not so sure it’s cynical any more. Maybe it was to start, but that faction took over.


The Australian election on the weekend made me so happy. Lots of independent canditates, who campaigned on climate action, anti corruption and better treatment of women in parliament, got elected in usually safe right wing seats. The marijuana party got more votes than the extreme right antivaxx nut job party, despite the later spending more money on advertising than all the major parties. The people resoundingly rejected the narative that the dominant Murdoch press have been pushing hard. Hopefully this becomes a global trend.


As a burner, whenever I see “anti-BLM”, I think anti bureau of Land Management. I guess that also speaks to how overwhelmingly white that thing in the desert is.

So the tin hat party is taking over? Maybe taking over the lunatic fringe of the GOP? It must be a sizable fringe.


Oh god - same here. And while giving the LNP a serious kicking was great in itself, the real value of the success of the teal independents was to demonstrate that not even conservative metropolitan Australians are tribal enough to follow their party into trans-bashing, climate-denying madness.

When big chunks of the population in wealthy, inner-suburban areas say “I came to the Liberal Party for low taxes and small government, but if you don’t understand science and want to beat up trans kids, then go fuck yourself; I’ll just find someone who supports small government, science and getting the fuck out of other people’s private lives”, it feels like we’ve turned a really important corner.

To know we’ll have a Labor government that will have to do even more than they were otherwise going to do to decarbonise the economy (which wasn’t enough, but at least was more than Murdoch’s government had proposed) is something I never thought I’d see.

Knowing that Palmer spent $100m of his own money to win approximately no seats at a cost of $215 a vote: chefs kiss


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Australia isn’t a 2 party system, though, is it?

It is for the most part. The Liberal National coalition on the right or the Labor on the left are the only parties that ever win enough seats to form government. There are also a number of minor parties and independents that win a few seats. This election was unusual in that the LNP lost a number of seats they always win to centre right independent canditates. It has undermined the 2 party status quo.


They also hate that BLM, because it stops them doing whatever they want on federal land.


Increasingly, no. But as @bru points out, only two parties have formed government in modern times, so the answer “mostly it is” to your question is also accurate.

What sets this election apart is an urban split of a subset of centrist conservatives (economically conservative; socially live-and-let-live) from the main Conservative party. The fracturing of the last 30 years has mostly been on the left, with Greens splitting away from Labor.

The last division of any significance on the right was the formation of the Democrat party in 1975, That mostly effected the senate, where because of proportional voting it’s generally easier for minor parties to win a few seats, and hold a valance of power. The fact that Saturday’s change happened in the lower house (where executive government is formed) is a way bigger deal and suggests we’re (a) no longer a two-party system; and (b) carving off centrists from the right will make it harder to form conservative governments in the near future.


What will these Qnuts do when they get elected, start working in government, and then realize there is no Deepstate?


Nice illustration of the Java Mascot visiting Hieronymus Bosch’s Staging A to go with.


The RepugliKKKlanners and the letter that follows “P” fools are one and the same, let’s not kid ourselves.

#TaxTheRich #TaxTheChurches
#ProChoice #LGBTQ

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