Pianiast turns QAnoner's babbling into a 30-second operetta

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Another good one of this gifted musician’s work:


Not quite to the level of Animaniacs, but still great. (Who am I kidding, I just want an excuse to post this)


Yes, this is funny, but ultimately, it’s depressing.


This is still my favourite:


I… I’m more confused about Qanon followers the more I listen to them. This lady is admitting at least some of what’s being said isn’t true, but she still doesn’t think Q is lying. Leaving aside why she believes a random internet person isn’t lying to her, when all his statements are either unverifiable or are failed predictions, if he really isn’t lying, and he’s saying things that aren’t true, that would mean he’s delusional. So she’s accepting the word of someone who is, by her own belief, delusional?


I think what she means is that she cherry picked enough things that match her existing world view that this Q guy must be right (since she is always right) and that those pesky things that seem crazy even to her are just… LOOK an EAGLE!

ETA for the young ones in the chat.


I know it’s a way to make fun of the idiocy of these people, but I can’t even find any humor at this point since there’s so many of them and it seems a basic premise is like “well no one says there ARENT aliens! prove it!!!”

I mean please we need to just stop giving these people attention, let them cluck in their Facebook hen houses for all I care they aren’t worth attention. And anybody in Congress or any type of government position that is quoting them needs to be removed I mean fuck we need to start implementing the reality Doctrine

Sad fucking face


Look, we’ll never figure this out with thinking.


So. Fucking. Stupid! What’s really depressing is that they infect their copious offspring with the same brain-killing cognitive capabilities.

Alien Paedophile Space Force; one of the less successful 1980’s toy lines and cartoon shows.


The chapter I just listened to of the audiobook version of The Cult of Trump explains how this kind of confusion/dazzle technique is a deliberate and common approach of cult leaders. It’s all kooky shit that is literally inconsistent down to the level of individual sentences, yet some people are susceptible to what is essentially a neural/limbic hack. It’s fascinating, and very freaky. The book is a very worthy read.

QAnon IMHO should be thought of as a digital mind control cult that uses these kinds of techniques. IMHO it needs be be much more deeply investigated…


The unknown person who tells you a lie is safer to believe than the known person who tells you the truth. It’s so qlear!


@koenfucius keeps citing these social science studies showing a distribution of people willing to spout X as a justification for a position even when they don’t believe X prima facie. (Say, that foreigners steal.) Gotta draw that line and have 'em pull the lever, or it didn’t not happen.

Bowsette, with Luigi, using the candlestick, at the 3:4 lava lake; and, not following Bomb-omb State Election Laws.

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