Quadcopter vs. ram




That ram sure knows how to batter.


That’s ram tough


Ha ha!!


“Settle down, boy…”
Hahaha. That’s one grumpy ram.


Justifiable coptercide, IMO.

Maybe the repaired version will make the Mario Bros bump-block noise when struck.


I hope they won’t let out the 5 minutes of Grizzly Man-esque blood curdling screaming that follows as the ram ate both men alive.


That idiot pilot didn’t throttle down as soon as his quad hit the plant. Hope he didn’t burn out his motors.


Dude was asking for trouble.


Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any fucks to give?


That’s one ram.



May this rhyme serve as a warning to all those who would deign to pester honey badger with a quadcopter.


You prompted me to search for ‘happy ram’ and similar, but no. You are indeed correct. Grumpy is the natural and perhaps only state of the ram. (Well, not only state. There is likely extra grumpy, and quite frighteningly grumpy, but still…)


Absolutely. Antagonising an already pissed-off tup is a monumentally bad idea.


Has New Zealand not learned? The mountains belong to this guy --remember that not even a motorcycle could stop him? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2388772/Ram-vs-motorcycle-Bad-tempered-beast-knocks-biker-ground-refusing-let-dirt-track.html


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