Angry ram battles tetherball left in forest

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Because war, war never changes.


His service is great but return game is lacking. Would get stomped on the playground.


He doesn’t seem angry, but rather delighted.


‘Angry Ram’ is his name.
My favourite of his videos is the motorbike one:


Yeah, not sure about the angry part. He might just be playing with it.

Or he sees the giant swinging ball as a challenge to his alpha male status.

Giant swinging balls, this one has.


I like at 1:48 the yew is “c’mon honey, let it go”, and he’s like “get the fuck out of my way!”


oi mate

u havin a swing

ram ur fookin 'ead in, swer on me mum


He ain’t no Sun Tzu, that’s for sure.

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He’d be chill, mission accomplished, until the ball swung back and hit him again.
he could have stopped anytime, but gravity kept egging him on.

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yeah, he looks like he’s playing, having a good time. the sheep up the road are going, “eyeroll …oh geez, not THIS again…”

Lets be honest, the ram was being kinda an asshole.

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That’s why they don’t call a male sheep a “gentle nudge.”


The Go Pro mounted on his back eerily reminds me of what Kea birds do to sheep in New Zealand:

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He’s an angry elf.

If that video featured people instead of sheep it would have been Curly ramming the ball hitting Larry who would join in the scuffle until Moe came back and slapped them both around.

So often animals display far more intelligence than people.

Ram’s gonna ram


Chickens take a more practical approach.

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That they strapped a camera to his back seems a clear indication that this is a provoked attack, for the clicks. I don’t like it. The beast could have been hurt. The ball thing is completely harmless in comparison, even if stressful for the animals.

I definitely wouldn’t want to meet this one by chance while hiking. Had an argument with a donkey who would go back on a path once, that’s enough. And with charging elephants, I know where I am. Behind a very strong tamarind in a dense thicket of thorns, in fact. Or in slow reverse with the Hilux, ready for a kick-down turn, being lucky enough to be in the car this time.

Really, the drone video was still kind of funny, but borderline. The motorbike is just asshattery.

Australia? Looks a bit like a forest near the Great Ocean Rd. I visited once. Didn’t see an angry ram (or a tetherball) though …