Rebel sheep turn on shepherd

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What idiot drivers. filming rather than helping. The German commentary is painful to hear. They are providing a running commenting on a scene, totally missing that they are actors in same scene and have agency to change the outcome. Humans.


It’s a dash cam, so, you know, it will record no matter what is happening.

As for the lack of action - do YOU know how to get sheep to stop attacking people?


The YouTube generation.

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Video link no longer works, but the gfycat link on the Reddit post does:


Baa Ram You, Baby. Baa. Ram. You.

  1. How do you know it is a dash cam? It is not directed ahead but onto the opposite roadside. If it is a dash cam the bros are heading for the fields.

  2. From the conversation it is completely obvious that they are filming an incident which they are commenting on.

  3. Two grown man watching a woman lye on the floor because, sheep is pathetic. I have been around sheep a lot in the mountains in Italy and although no expert, sheep actually are afraid of people and run away, they are not really a grand threat to a standing human.

  4. Then you drive on, into the herd, which caused the issue in the first place? instead of getting out of your car.

  5. Then you post it online?

Yes, idiot male humans.


It’s a static, unwobbling image with a date and time stamp, typical of dashcams. It isn’t something hand held like a cell phone. I guess it could be some other type of mounted camera, but given how common they are, especially in Europe, i am going with dashcam.

And yet, here they are being a threat to a human that was not only standing, but someone who presumably has knowledge on how to handle sheep.

Well I have only seen the gif without sound, I don’t know how long the video was. But she didn’t seem that bad off until that second strike. Advancing the car after the second strike to intimidate the one sheep being aggressive isn’t a bad maneuver, IMHO. Not being a sheep expert, that honestly would be my first instinct.

I also probably wouldn’t attempt to do much until that second strike. Because, like I said, while I have some experience with animals, I don’t know how to herd sheep and she seemed ok after the initial fall. The second strike would have caused me some concern and I’d probably attempt to help. And I’d probably try the car thing first - at least get closer, maybe put the car between her and sheep.

Lastly, when things like this go down, there are often three different things that happen - flight, fight, or nothing. There are people who died in burning airplanes because they just froze and sat there. Everyone thinks they know how they will react in a situation, but often times that changes when something actually happens.

What does being male have to do with it? If it were two women in a car would their inaction be excusable? If so, why?


…and the dog watches the second strike and runs away. Best friend my ass.



If I owned those sheep, I know which one I’d be having for dinner tonight.


Live in Europe and most of my family live in German speaking mountainous areas. Don’t know a single person with a dash cam.

No they were not a threat until human tumbled, presumably trying to rush to get out of the way of the car. I have seen 100s of shepherds among their sheep, nothing happens as long as you tower above them and they are not behind you. These are sheep not cows.

It is an incredibly stupid idea, an approaching huge thing, i.e. car is the “thing” that stressed the sheep out in the first place.[quote=“Mister44, post:8, topic:92876”]
The second strike would have caused me some concern and I’d probably attempt to help

Thank You, that would seem the sensible human thing to do.

The voice over (male voices) got me. They are so detached from the situation which they have created with their presumably huge and powerful car, it infuriates me. I very much doubt the incident would have occurred without the car being present and messing up everyones day. You are on a rural road. Get with it.

It’s the kind of thing I imagine Deutsche Bank Executives or Freddy Mac or who ever important person might have said, after they have create the global financial melt down while sipping their Champaign on the golf course.

Women tend to be less good at standing on the side watching disasters unfold.

But hey what do I know.

That orange clown on the other side of the pond has used up all my tolerance for clueless male arrogance and idiocy:

“Hey I just drove into a sheep herd, because I need to get there right now, most urgently. Oh the shepherdess just got knocked over, oh well…”

Right now I wish crises of masculinity we have become unwitting witnesses of, would just play out on the sports pitches of the world.

Most importantly, could Obama and t just sort out the thing on the basketball court. Let’s decide who should govern America by a game of basketball. I know which team I would bet on.


Mess with the sheep and you get the wool.


note to self: wear helmet during second career as Shepherd.:slight_smile:


That second hit looked really bad. High-velocity head on pavement.


I work in the TV and film industry and it looks awfully like a fake. No windscreen, no vibration, contrast in lighting between the scene and the participants…

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That wasn’t a fun ram attacking humans video. Here’s one that is:


If you owned those sheep you would know how shitty mutton from a fibre breed tastes.


Well, that aside, it is a stable mounted camera of some sort. Most likely a dash cam, which are more common than someone mounting a camera for other reason. It isn’t like the took a camera out and mounted it just to video this.

Like I said, I am not a sheep herder. You wonder how someone can sit there and do nothing, it is because they are afraid of making it worse. If my best guess of what to do is “incredibly stupid”, should I still attempt to help or not? What if my other idea to help makes things worse as well?

Well I can’t hear the voices, as they took down the video. Though being non German and forgetting most of my 3 years of German class, I’d have no idea what they are talking about anyway. Though to non-German speakers, it often sounds harsh no matter what they are talking about. But anyway, this honestly sounds like projecting.

And, again, they could be the biggest assholes in the world, but still not know what to do.

Probably. But as someone who lived a lot of his life in a rural and small town area, and having some inkling as to how things are done, I am still relatively clueless, and if these are “city folk” they are going to be more so.

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From the title I thought this was going to be about metaphorical sheep turning on a metaphorical shepherd. That’ll come after Jan 20th.


Sheep are mean. Goats forever!