Rebel sheep turn on shepherd

Rams can be assholes. There’s a REASON that “ram” can be a noun or a verb in English.


Come ON, Sheeple! will be the new call of the revolution.


And perhaps arrange for some funding from your specter/N7 contacts, so you don’t have to go on xenos killing sprees just to buy a new gun?

My impression is that they drove forward, then yelled (“Heey! Heey!”) at the sheep, which can be seen running off to join the rest. Rewatching it doesn’t change that for me.

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I don’t speak German, but this is what I thought happened: after the shepherd is knocked down the second time, the driver swears (that bit I understood), drives forwards quickly (scaring the bulk of the sheep away) and then brakes sharply. There’s then what sounds like a door opening and someone yelling “Hey, hey, hey” (or similar). which I took to be them trying to shoo the ram away from the shepherd.


It may be set a bit off centre but it’s quite definitely pointing in the direction of travel.


But there’s nothing like the sweet taste of revenge.


Looks to me like the ram was taking advantage of a distraction to really mess with the shepherd that had been pissing him off for a while. The 2nd hit wasn’t “ooh, I’m a scared sheep” it was “take that you motherfucker!”


Probably the ram got pissed off at all the damn whistling.

Im having trouble believing that person in all black skinny jeans is a shepherd. Umbrella? No bag for smokes, lunch, water… That looks like a tourist to me.


“Tough week with the flock, Gunther. My flock turned on me.”

“Bummer, Lars. My sheep turned me on.”

Okay, I’m mostly surprised that I’m the only 10 year old here to make that joke.


Yes. Shwarma.


That’s an interesting point. And would certainly explain the ram’s behavior.

First rule of Dash Cam Club is you don’t talk about Dash Cam Club. (Not really.)

I have a dash cam because dumb shit like sheets of glass randomly flying out of the back of pickup trucks, and people suddenly driving head first into freeway dividers was happening before me on the roadway. None of that happens anymore, of course, because dash cam (I refer to it as my Tiger Warding Stone for the Road). Anyway, back on topic, the cam is almost never aimed immediately in front of the car because interesting crap can happen in the oncoming lane, too, and since pretty much all of them record in 1080p, the resulting video is wide enough that you’ll capture plenty of stuff that’s not immediately in front of your car. My dash cam can record audio and displays a date/time stamp, as pretty much all of them do.

In short, this was incredibly likely to have been shot with a more expensive dash cam than the one I have, but I don’t need a better one because my car will not be driving in Russia anytime soon.


LOL, republicans

I think you’re right. Curious about what the traditional garb is for the job in Germany, I googled “German Shepherd” and here’s what I got; looks nothing like the guy in the video:

I spent several years living among sheep in Yorkshire, I’m pretty sure none of them would have messed with this guy.


They are much better at screaming hysterically and waving their arms around in helpless distress though.
Not really, just providing more examples of stupid sexism.


It’s the origin story of Kentucky barbecue. (FWIW if that’s your cooking approach, you’re probably not going to eat that sheep for dinner tonight, but later this week)

Indifferent dog is indifferent.

yeah! yeah! It’s the audio commentary that got to me. And driving further into the herd when it was obvious that their presence was the source of all trouble.

Ultimately I am with @turf.

When you see someone knocked over like that you don’t just say Scheiße you jump out of the freaking car. There was absolutely no danger to them, the ram was otherwise engaged.

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