? ❓ ⚛ Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? ⚛ ❓?


How much bourbon do you have left?


Enough? Will I need to clear out the current shelf and go to the “well”?


Do you have a dive bar in walking distance?


Will Cortana take me to one?


Why wouldn’t it?


A TV stuck on LMN?


A TV stuck on C-SPAN, during a recess?


Heard this on my local NPR affiliate this morning:

Was tough to keep my breakfast down.


DOOD, where are your question marks?


Isn’t that typical of me?

Doesn’t that answer the question?


Have you brushed your teeth with this?

(is it okay that I moved this from the HYST thread?)


Anyone else need to get their Cuisinart blade replaced?


Why remove it?

Also - does nano silver turn you blue like the colloidal kind?


Have to check, still…


Was that a question?


Who wants to join me back in… IOWA CITY?

Tomorrow and Friday only! I hope?


Why doesn’t Pinocchio spontaneously combust when he tries cigar smoking?


Can you guys tell how much I amuse myself with making these things now?


Hark! A hedgehog angel sings,
Glory to her newborn wings.
Peace on Earth and mercy mild
Gee her quills feel like they’re filed.
Joyful, all ye humans spy
Now the triumph of the skies
With angelic awe proclaim
Princess Pricklepants’ acclaim
Hark! The hedgehog angel’s here
Glory to our prickly dear!


Can you phrase that in the form of a question? (Do you know you saved the thread from a rather depressing post anyway?)