Queue: a game in which 1980s communist Poland shopping lines can make or break you

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nearly there - it’s called “Instytut Pamięci Narodowej” : P

The institute writes about a download, print and play variant, but it seems the board is missing. Should be possible to reverse engineer it, though : )

The instruction pdf is worth a look - much more infos about Poland in the 1980s than rules.

Oh, the price is meant as a joke? I just checked and it’s 100 Zloty in Poland, 30 Euro in Germany and 35 £ in the UK.

Well, since they blew the Chinese translation for their box, they can’t expect foreigners to get that crazy Polish straight.

dunno - Polish is as alien to me as Chinese :wink:

I actually bought mine here in Poland for 80pln. And it is amazing: 7 manuals in different languages on heavy paper stock, with stickers for alternate languages than Polish so one can customize the whole thing. The production values are insane and show what happens when an organization decides to properly do a board game without worrying about the cost too much.
But… the reason I bought it for 80pln was most likely because it was the rest of the lot. Kolejka recently was republished by a normal board game house, and all of a sudden there is only one language in there. Polish, of course.
I noticed when I decided that the game would be a good present for some friends back home in Germany. Yeah, great idea, but all the copies in the shops were the lightweight reissue.

By the way there also is an expansion for the game which introduces vodka and a black market. Well, I haven’t played it yet, but that is what I gathered. It also looks great, the packaging looks like an official letter with confidential documents in it.


The Polish-only reprint explains the downloads I linked above: One should buy the game and print the adequate manual and cards.

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Just guessing here, but I don’t think this game will be very popular in Venezuela.

They’re all too busy waiting for condoms.

Now we need a game to highlight “demand & supply” economics, where those who control the supply control the price.

Probably already exists. I’m too lazy to look.

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