Quick question, downloading a thread


I’ve threatened to grab Questions and print it as a book. Couple things:

  • is there a programmatic way of grabbing an entire thread without scraping or botting?
  • @codinghorror is there anything that I could accidently break?

It is a weird, stream of consciousness list of odd questions and images. But I kinda really want a copy bound in leather :slight_smile:



I may throw the leather bound tome in the fire, but that is my prerogative.


You need to print this on vellum.


You have piqued my interest. Alibaba, transcribe everything on vellum or calf skin, and sketch the avatars with a feather pen.


I’d volunteer to illuminate it, but I’m crap at that stuff.


If I won’t break discourse, I may actually do this. It’s pointless, only affects maybe thirty people, but amuses me. And hay, I got time.

@codinghorror if there is anything that I could possibly break, I wouldn’t mind a heads up. I reeeealy don’t want to mess with a live, prod site.


How about Amazon Turking someone copy-pasting the whole thing manually?


I’m thinking about it. There are ways, but I don’t want to hurt something I enjoy.


There is no clean way to “print” a long topic at this time. You can disable JavaScript and visit the topic to get a 1996 era HTML 1.0 paginated view, that is about it.

In code you can pull the json to get the entire topic pretty easily, just like a browser would. See https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-reverse-engineer-the-discourse-api/20576



Ty. if when I try this I’ll send you a note, just in case I accidently break something.


Don’t you need to wait until it’s complete before printing it? Wouldn’t it make for a nice set of leather bound volumes to fill a shelf ultimately?


Finished? Is that even possible? Perhaps editions?


Maybe an edition for each year?


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