QuillBot is "a smart thesaurus for sentences"


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So it’s bad at “score” math, huh?



Heads up if y’all are using this for school or work; Quillbot apparently sucks at spelling…


…or else it’s got a side hustle in neologisms?

Also, it can change meaning: “Dark humor” in the first set of sentences pretty clearly means one thing, but “Black humor” can of course be taken to mean something else, especially with the context: “Black humor is like food. Not everyone understands [it].”


champion ascend if y’ all are employing this for kindergarten or industry; Quillbot evidently absorb at grammatical…


I’m already seeing output from things like this in my English classes in University. Online paraphrases generate some amusingly horrible text.


Apparently, my hovercraft is complete of eels.

Also, not everyone understands food?


infinite hedgehogs with infinite typewriters


Don’t mock Featherbot!


hmm, maybe should be shaftbot.


Garbage In: This is the sort of nonsense up with which we shall not put.
Garbage Out: This is the kind of nonsense that we will not put.

GIGO. Gigobot. Yay!


First,the universe was created,which made many people very angry and widely regarded as a bad decision.


“I am automatically attracted to magnificent women. I just started masturbating them. Like a magnet. Kiss right. I do not even wait. And when you were a star they let you do it. You can do everything. Take them by the cat. You can do everything.”


How to date a schoolteacher?



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