Quote Replies And Misdirected Replies


@codinghorror, et whomever.

I’ve noticed that there has been confusion in various threads where people will reply to someone else, only to discover the their comment is suddenly directed at someone else. It turns out, the problem starts if you read a comment, and hit the “X Replies” button on the comment to see how people reacted to that post. You can then highlight someone else’s post in the replies listing and when you hit “quote reply” Discourse automatically credits the author of the original comment, not the replier you’re actually quoting, and turns it into a reply to the original commenter, instead of the replier.

I don’t know if this explanation of the issue makes sense, if so just ask questions if you’ve got 'em. But a perfect example is here in this reply to (I thought) @mindysan33, but it came out to @shaddack, since I was viewing @mindysan33’s reply to @shaddack through the Replies dialogue.


Shall we give a demonstration?


Takes more than one reply. BTW, how come we can’t see at least a number of replies on mobile?


I reply here.


Then when I quote my reply, it comes out to me.

ETA: Or rather, it’s attributed to @OtherMichael



[quote="OtherMichael, post:2, topic:66233"]
I reply here.





This bug


Yeah this is a good one, went uncomplained-about for quite a while (I believe we’ve had this issue since public launch in Feb 2013), but definitely causes serious discussion problems when people do run into it.

Thanks for the fix @sam.


I just figured I’d done something stupid and would go back and edit it. Maybe others didn’t report it for the same reason?

I’m just glad it wasn’t me. :smile:


There is still a little edge case I want to fix but its not trivial, especially for cross topic quote selections.

:arrow_double_up: broken :frowning:


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