QUOTES: humans will disappoint you


John Henry:
Human life is sacred.
Catherine Weaver:
We have to be prepared for any contingency.
John Henry:
What contingency would that be?
Catherine Weaver:
Humans will disappoint you.


Dr. Robert Ford:
Never place your trust in us. We’re only human. Inevitably we will disappoint you.


Is this a coincidence?

Or, is Jonathan Nolan a big Terminator fan?

Or, are both these lines allusions to something earlier?


The CEO of the company I used to work for (bought out by a gigantic consulting firm) used to say “People disappoint me.” Maybe he got it from the same place.


Or maybe they are all just pointing out the obvious…


Well, Jonathan Nolan also created Person of Interest, where humans disappointing the Machine was a recurring theme (especially in the third season).




Kirk: let me tell you something Spock. Everybodys human.
Spock: I’ve never been so insulted.


That was only fair, because the third season disappointed humans.


I liked it. Better than the fourth season, at least. Taking a whole season to have Samaritan go from “almost totally in charge” to “really totally in charge” was a bit much.


bOINGbOING is humans, my friend!



bOINGbOING = Humans

Humans = Disappointment

∴ bOINGbOING = Disappointment


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